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    2250 pt army list

    2250 Dark Elf Army List

    Lords and Heroes

    High Sorcoress
    Level 4
    Staff of Sorcery
    Black Amulet

    Level 2
    Tome of Furion
    Seal of Ghrond

    Level 2
    Dark star Cloak
    Dispel Scroll

    Man bane
    Rune of Khaine


    20 Warriors
    Full Command

    12 Warriors
    Full Command
    Repeater Crossbow

    10 Corsairs
    Full Command
    Standard of Slaughter


    20 Executioners
    Full Command
    Banner of Murder

    6 Shades
    Blood shade
    Light Armor


    2 Repeater Bolt Throwers

    War Hydra

    Total: 2245
    Power Dice:11
    Dispel Dice:7

    After looking at this list i questioned myself, why not just take Morthai. what do you guys think. I want to have a little of everything from the spectrum, while having a lot of magic. assasin is there for fun. warriors, corsairs and executioners hold my mages so they cant get shot, while my shades infiltrate his warmachines. Bolt throwers are for long range killing action, while the war hydra his always fun. awsome stats sombined with terror should be able to kill lots of stuff, and if it wins combat, they run away auto unless they roll doulbe 1's. I know people are going to tell me to take a highborn, but that extra +1 Ld isnt that good for me, when i can pop off an additional 4 spells, while also dominating the magic phase

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    Grr, I cant quote these posts that are pasted from word!.. Oh well

    Ok, the Staff of sorcery needs to be dropped. You have enough magic defence anyway.
    I think the level 4 is good enough without any items. Its better to use the magic boosting items on the level 2's. Just give the level 4 the crown of black iron & seal of Ghrond, and maybe a dark steed

    Make your level 2's like:
    Level 2- Dark star cloak, Powerstone
    Level 2- Tome of Furion, Powerstone

    & where are you putting them?

    Asassain set up is fine but ALWAYS give him a second hand weapon. An extra attack for a few mesely points is a must.
    Where is he going? I'd say the Spears.

    Normally Id say no command upgrades on Crossbow warriors, but if you are having 2 Sorceresses there, it would be worth it.

    The corsairs unit is fairly useless, its too small. I'd drop it for 5 Dark riders with Crossbows & musician. Then give 1 sorceress a Dark steed & put her here (probably the level 4).

    The Executioner unit is your trump card. Its good but expensive. If you want to keep them, take 18 in 6x3 formation. Getting more attacks is more important to these guys than rank bonuses. Because they can actually kill things, unlike spearmen.
    I think the banner of Murder is a bit unreliable for what it costs. Maybe a War banner would be more cost efficient.
    --Thats all if you keep them. You can get 2 chariots for a lot less points & they probably do more damage.

    Drop the Blood shade, 1 extra BS point isnt worth what it costs.
    Light armor tends to be a waste too, since the majority of attacks in the WH world are strong enough to take away a 6+ save.

    Good rare choices.

    Dark Elves - Game #28 vs High Elves: Draw
    W L D
    21 5 5

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