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Thread: 2250 list

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    2250 list

    2250 Dark Elf Army List

    This is the list that i want to build over the summer, since i finished WE, i would like to dip my hand into their darker cousins. the list costs 355 dollars to buy. Would anyone propose a different better list that costs less? if so please tell me.
    Lords and Heroes

    Cold One- who doesnt like a cold one
    Gauntlet of power S 8 no armor saves is always fun, and no one ecpects it
    Mystic shield of light 5+ ward save is always nice, making opponents WS 1 is no slouch either
    Heavy Armor-standard
    Sea dragon cloak-standard

    Banner of Nagarythe- who doesnt like +1 combat res, and unbreakable
    Heavy Armor-standard
    Sea dragon cloak-standard

    Level 2-standard
    Tome of Furion extra spell is always handy if you dont like your pick
    Dispel Scroll- standard

    Extra Hand weapon-standard
    Man bane great against standard troops
    Rune of Khaine who doesnt want an extra attack


    15 Warriors
    Full Command-standard
    Shield-more survivable

    15 Warriors
    Full Command-standard
    Shield-more survivable

    18 Warriors
    Full Command-standard
    Shield-more survivable
    Repeater Crossbow- nobody wants 36 shots coming their way from a hill


    18 Executioners
    Full Command-standard
    War banner-standard (combined with the BSB makes for +4 combat res and unbreakable)

    9 Shades
    Blood shade-standard
    Light Armor- youd be suprised how many times ive passed that worthless 6+ save


    2 Repeater Bolt Throwers- who doesnt have repeater bolt throwers in there elf army

    War Hydra-terror causing, man eating, fire breathing.. you get the point

    Total: 2212
    Power Dice: 4
    Dispel Dice: 2
    Models: 73

    Does anyone have any suggestions. i know that i lack manuverability, but DE cav is very expensive money wise, and they can get trashed really easily. stray cannon shots massacre cold one knights, and just about anything hurts dark riders

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    Lists should go in the army list section but anywhoo..

    -Mystic shield of light wont help him much, he'll strike first most of the time anyway, so the enemies WS wont be reduced to 1 until after he has attacked. He'll also hit most opponents on a 3+ anyway which wont be improved by them being WS1 (this is the thing I hate about WH, you should be able to hit on 2+!!, but anyway).
    Opt for the cheaper Enchanted shield, or a mundane shield + Crown of black Iron

    Im not a big fan of the Gauntlet either, its rather expensive & overkill in most situations.

    A level 2 with a Tome of Furion wont cast anything at 2250 points. 55 points wasted on magic. Just make her a level 1 with 2 scrolls, or 1 scroll & seal of Ghrond.

    Assasain in fine.

    Those units of spearmen are too small. Merge them into 2 units of 25. Then reduce the crossbow unit to 10, or split it into 2 units of 10.

    Probably drop the blood shade, spending points for +1 to hit is a bit wasted when its only a S3 shot.

    Rare choices are good.

    Dark Elves - Game #28 vs High Elves: Draw
    W L D
    21 5 5

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