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    1k MSU First list

    Hi all,

    after playing some horde armies (orc and VC) I wanted to try something more tactical. I always love the DE models wich is the most obvious point why people choose DE so i may start them. Here a list I though of:

    Unnamed1000 Pts - Dark Elves Army

    1 Sorceress @ 187 Pts
    General; Magic Level 2; Darkstar Cloak; Dispel Scroll; Dark Steed

    10 Warriors @ 85 Pts

    10 Warriors @ 110 Pts
    Repeating Crossbow

    5 Dark Riders @ 127 Pts
    Repeating Crossbow; Musician

    12 Witch Elves @ 211 Pts
    Full command

    12 Executioners @ 162 Pts
    Full command

    1 Reaper Bolt Thrower @ XXX Pts

    Casting Pool: 5
    Dispel Pool: 3
    Models in Army: 53
    Total Army Cost: 982

    Using the warrior unit as a bait unit and the two hammer unit as flanker I think, with enough tactics, I can succeed to win. The sorceress goes into the DR and the witchbrew is for blocking a obvious CR that most opponent will have, outnumber.

    So will this list work? Help me make it more competitive so I can start buying

    Thanks for help

    Last edited by Cyric the Mad; June 12th, 2007 at 00:27. Reason: Removed cost of bolt thrower

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    I think the basic problem is speed, you sound like you plan on fleeing a lot to set up favorable combats, but your infantry don't have the speed to reliably flee from cavalry. And your units are so small that they'd be relatively easy to damage with a little shooting.

    Corsairs might help against the shooting, and more units of dark riders might help with the speed problem.

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    stupidity just kicked in! zhaf's Avatar
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    I agree with kooshlord. Fleeing with infantry will only get them killed vs any form o cavalry. If you want to bait you'd want to use riders, and IMO such smal units of warriors can hardly put up a fight against anyone. IMO you put too many pts in witches and executioners at 1k pts. If I were you I'd scrap the two smal warrior units and get one big block of spears (20-25) or a big block of corsairs (20). Get another unit of riders or shades or harpies, get rid of the commands in both executioner and witch elves and reduce them to #10 each. Now you'll have two baiters, two flankers, one big infantry block and one boltthrower.

    Oh and if don't like the dark rider model you can always convert wood elf glade riders to nice looking dark riders and it's cheaper.

    hope this helps.

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