2000 Point Cult of Slaanesh (I have never played) - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2000 Point Cult of Slaanesh (I have never played)

    Please don't post cost/model or costs for unupgraded units, this violates GW copyright and LO policy. Thanks!

    I am new to Warhammer Fantasy, so I am going from what looks good in the book and fluff-wise. I am not looking to go out and win, but more so to have fun. Here is the my list as of now with explanations as to what I am thinking. If you could tell me how my logic is flawed once on the board it would be much appreciated.
    • Sorceress of Slaanesh
      • Cloak of Dark Souls
      • Tome of Furion
    • Druchii Annoited
      • Lvl 1 wizard
      • Quickening Blood
      • Heart-stone of Darkness
      • Allure of Slaanesh
        • Great Weapon
    • Sorceress
      • Darkstar Cloak
      • Dispell Scroll
        • Dark Steed
    • Devoted of Slaanesh x18
      • Mistress
        • Speed of Slaanesh
      • Standard
        • Banner of Murder
      • Musician
    • Crossbowmen x12
    • Marauders x20
      • Shields
      • Light Armor
    • Shades of Slaanesh x6
    • Dark Riders x5
      • Crossbows
    • Mounted Daemonettes x5
    • Repeater Bolt Thrower x3
    By my math (please check for errors)

    Points : 1998

    Power Dice: 9
    Dispel Dice: 5
    Dispell Scroll: 1


    General was give the Scouting ability as most Slaanesh spells are short range. I figured theoretically she could hang out with the shades and back court press. An awful idea I am sure but it seems the D6 strength 6 hits and the other spells could be fun.

    Druchii, well if I am going to lose for being a newb I might as well have a cheesy character to make it a little bit closer. Will go with the Devoted to help protect them from missile fire. Want to give him a steed of slaanesh but I am scared having never used a demonic mount yet.

    Sorceress goes with the dark riders and shoots stuff

    Devoted, I want them in combat as quick as possible hence the banner. Probably should be used as a flanker unit.

    Crossbowmen, sit on a hill and shoot stuff

    Marauders - Fun Fluff substance. Helps them fight off pesky arrows.

    Shades, to hunt down warmachines and wizards

    Dark Riders, drive by shootings

    Mounted Daemonettes, can't pass up the models. Great speed to help flank

    Repeater Bolt Throwers, so I am shooting human sized arrows at people, ummm why would I not want to do that?

    Please Comment! I am in the process of buying and painting so any help is nice.

    P.S. What do most people use for an Annoited???

    Last edited by The Evil Giraffe; June 19th, 2007 at 19:27. Reason: removed some points costs.

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    Your marauders probably want to stick to shields, and drop the great weapons. They are pretty vulnerable, striking last.

    Your general is a lot of VP to be deployed with scouts right next to the enemy. Might be fun for a bit, but don't count on surviving too many battles that way.

    No other obvious problems, at least not to me.

    Good hunting,
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    The list actually looks pretty good. As Koosh said, a sorceress going with the scouts isnt the best idea. Im not even sure that they can deploy as scouts if she joins them?

    For the annointed, I would drop 2 crossbowmen, and give him Sopophoric Musk.

    P.S. What do most people use for an Annoited???
    Since DE dont have a character model, I would use a Chaos character/champion model.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Evil Giraffe View Post
    P.S. What do most people use for an Annoited???
    I've seen ppl use slaanesh character models but with dark elf heads, shields and weapons.

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