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    stupidity just kicked in! zhaf's Avatar
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    1000pts, Local Tounament

    As my usual lists are more cavalry based I'm trying to make a somewhat diffrent list from what I'm used to. This is for a upcoming local tournament.


    Noble [General]
    Equipment: Halberd
    Magic Items: Seal of Ghrond, Armour of Darkness
    Cost: 124 Pts

    Equipment: 2ndWeapon
    Skills & Poisons: Rune of Khaine, Manbane
    Cost: 179 Pts


    Dark Riders #5
    Command: Musician
    Cost: 97 Pts

    Warriors #19
    Equipment: Shields
    Command: Standard, Lording
    Cost: 172 Pts


    Executioners #12
    Command: Draich-master
    Cost: 144 Pts

    Shades #6
    Cost: can't tell.


    Reaper Bolt Thrower #2
    Cost: can't tell either...

    Dispel Pool: 3
    Total Army Cost: 1000pts

    So the general thought is to have the spears in the middle with the noble and having dark riders and executioners on the flanks. Shades to harass and boltthrowers depending on terrain placement. The Assassin either goes with the executioners or the shades, I went with manbane mostly cause the possibility of monsters and tough characters (vampires). I wanted to keep the noble cheap and effective so I gave him AoD and SoG for some magic protection.
    Mostly I don't have a clue of what armies are going to show up on the tournament. I guess that there'll be at least one skaven and one high elf, others might be O&G, Chaos, Vampire Counts, Lizzardmen. Possibe Empire and Bretoina.
    The only army I'm really worried about is a Tzeentch army with mostly only horrors and screamers
    I've also thought of replacing the two boltthrowers with 12 black guard with standard and champion... but that might be too risky.
    So what do you think?


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    I would drop the Asassain. Its probably soaking up too many points at 1k level, when you already have a Noble.

    I'd use the points for a Standard on the Executioners & maybe the warbanner. Also a chariot with spears.

    Can the Noble use his Halberd with Armour of Darkness? It includes a shield, which I would assume means no 2-handed weapons with it.
    I know if it was a normal shield, he can simply stop using the shield, and swing his halberd. However with the AoD, the shield is kind of 'part' of the armour which I doubt has the option to not use.

    If im right that he cant, then I would mount him in the suggested chariot with a lance (if you take one).

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    i agree with manu and i would drop the assasin and add the standard and warrbanner to the execs cuase it will really help them with Combat res, as for the other points you could spend it on a chariot or another unit of DR, also manu is right and that you cant use AoD with a 2 handed wep, i quote"this armor includes a sheild" and becuase of this i would recomend giving him a mount so you can boost up his AS save. Also you might want to consider droping a bolt thrower and adding another chariot if you take 1 with the leftover assassin points, i find that in 1k one RBT is really all i need, and with 2 chariots att 1k you will really be packing on the CC power:yes:.


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