My 7th ed dark elf battle - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    My 7th ed dark elf battle

    Hey guys my local store has a copy of the new book and I managed to play a game today at 1500 points.

    now I'm to lazy to write a full battle report but Ill throwout some facts here and my general thoughts on the book.

    first off It was a game against my friend lizzies his list was something like this


    2x skink priest

    30 sauras

    5 cold one riders

    12 blow pipe skinks

    3 sallies

    mine was as follows

    malus darkblade(hes a hero now)
    caddy with scroll

    20 warriors with warbanner

    20 corsairs with frenzy banner

    5 dark riders with rxbs

    5 cold one knights with armor piercing banner

    13 witch elves with hag and man bane



    so one great thing about the new rules is that malus cancels the stupid cold ones in the unit that he joins so they make for quite a hammer unit also the fact that everything has hatred is a large bonus to and the best thing is that we dont even pay 1 point for it.

    some other notes

    corsiars with frenzy are nasty, 15 attacks re-rolling hits is nasty on the charge.

    warriors are better now that they are a point cheaper and can have a banner, and I recommend the war banner BTW cheap and effective and often can swing the combat in your favor.

    Witch elves are great too, naturally they dropped in points cost and packed on some good ole fashion hatred.

    So thats about it,everything got better and points costs were lowered all around, thus making our list very competitive.

    So guys hold out for just one more month you will see that GW really hasn't forgotten about us druchii.

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    Wonderful, can't wait to read all the way through the army book again and again and again..

    How did the battle go?

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