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    Questions from a Wood Elf General

    Hey all, I've already made a post to this effect, but I'm seriously considering starting a DE army, and this post isn't so much about what units to buy at first (I'm pretty much settled on the battalion box, a bolt thrower, a sorc, and another box of warriors), but instead I'm curious about the nuances and differences between Wood Elves and Dark Elves.

    The most obvious differences off the bat to me is that Dark Elves get to enjoy war machines and what I'd argue as significantly more potent magic than their Keebler brethren, but I'd like to hear from the pros on this about what the greater, and perhaps more subtle differences are between the two armies. They both can be shooty, they both are fast and squishy, so I want to know what else sets them apart.

    Please enlighten me with your collective wisdom


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    Wow im honored, an expert? Well as you take a look at all the elven races you see this. The Wood Elves, the best archers in the game, obviously a shoort and mobile army. The High Elves, a potent magic army with alot of good defensive units. And then the Dark Elves. Out of all of the elves, we are the most up close and personaly. We want to get into combat, and get there fast. And once we are there, we dont usually plan on staying there long. A dark elf unit in a drowned out combat is just asking for it.

    But probably more than any other elf army, the Dark Elves have variaty. They can field an army of pure crossbowmen, with spearmen to defend them and sorceresses casting along with their shots. Or, we could field an elite, fast striking army of pure CC troops. The later, of course, is what they do best, but the choice is up to you. I strongly suggest that you put aside the crossbow and pick up the sword. An offensive type army will most likely be a nice change for you.

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