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    Dark Elves vs Vampire Counts need help

    Hi I'm having a real Hard time playing against VC, I usually end up losing. The game I played 2 days ago ended up in me forfeiting in the 2nd turn because my lord die who was hiding behind a building and the Cairn Wraiths used their howl through the walls! I didn't know they could do that xD.

    My opponent fielded something like this (he usually takes a list similar to this):
    1 lord
    1 vampire
    1 corpsecart with necro
    5 wolves
    5 wolves
    6 black knights
    19 gave guards
    20 zombies
    20 skellies
    10 skellies
    1 vargulf
    3 batswarms
    3 fellbats
    Cairn Wraiths

    I fielded something like this:
    Level 4 sorc
    level 2 sorc
    24 warriors
    10 crossbowmen
    6 harpies
    6 dark riders
    6 cold one knights
    18 black guards
    6 shades
    2 RBT
    1 Hydra

    He got first turn and marched forward and screened all his units with bats. The only thing i could hit was black knights with 6 dark riders and some bats with rest. My first magic phase ended up doing nothing.

    I don't really have an idea on how to take on this VC army. Please help me on some tips against VC. What would you field against VC? I must be doing something wrong because I doubt that VC is overpowered.

    Also I could use tips in general against VC like what should I do against their magic or how do I take down 20 skelletons they last a few turns.

    Any advice is welcome since I don't find much advice for DE against VC.

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    Hmm, let's see. I play VC and am starting DE as well, so maybe I can offer a little insight.
    First thing, how big are the Cairn Wraith units? And do they have banshees (champions)? Only the banshee can howl, not the whole unit, and if the banshees aren't present, then there is no howl.

    The screening with bats can be annoying, but other than shooting or chargin them (which isn't always reccomended) there isn't much that can be done.

    Skeles are t3 with little armour, shooting and magic should be sufficient to destroy them.

    The biggest thing I can say vs VC's is concentrate your fire. Don't pepper a few units, focus all your shooting and magic on a single unit untill it is destroyed, becayse apart from zombies once a unit is gone completely, it can't be raised again.

    Because of raising, and being able to spam Invocation, as well as various items, VC's can be possibly the most resilient army out there. It is entirely likely that, should the VC player so wish, you will be able to completly shut down the magic phase - necromantic spells can be cast as many times as they want, provided there are the dice available.

    And also, from a glance, it looks like he has more points there than you. Although I must admit I am not 100% certain on the DE points costs.

    Maybe instead of the Lvl 4 try and get a couple more Lvl 2's. Spells that can affect multiple units are golden, because the majority of that army you listed are T3 and 4 (or even 2 in the case of the zombies). Target the Cairn Wraiths with magic missile and spells - they have no save from that and they are very expensive models, and can only be raised 1 wound at a time (unlike zombies and skells etc that can be raised D6 wounds - or more).
    Also, don't try and go unit for unit in combat. VC will never break. Ever. Use multiple charges and try and get max combat res, as well as wounds. They lose an extra model for every point you win by - no save available.
    But biggest thing I can suggest is try and get a copy of the VC book, read it and learn it.
    Dovie'andi se tovya sagain (It's time to roll the dice)- Mattrim Cauthon

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