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    Shields on Warriors

    Ok, so I'm building a regiment of Spearmen for Tale of Painters, and I get to the shields. Now I'm stuck.

    Is it worth paying the points for shields in the first place? If so, why? I don't know if I want to buy these guys shields, but I reckon the models look much much cooler with shields than without.

    Which leads on to my next question: if I glue the shields on for the sake of making the models look better, is it fair to use them in games without paying the points for the shields (bearing WYSIWYG in mind...)?

    A fair old head-scratcher, this one.


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    You HAVE to give them shields (IMO).. if you dont, these guys will walk around with a 6+ armour save (at the best!!), but if they have shields and use the shield + hand weapon combo in close combat they will have an armour save of 4+ which is pretty nice.. if you're creating a warrior unit that are supposed to stay behind getting sacrificed by your sorceress to gain power dice, then no - shields arent worth it. But otherwise you should always take them for warriors (i tend not to give shields to my RxB-men)

    if you play some friends or at your local club if will be fair to not use shields even when the models have them. Just make sure to let your opponent know
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