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    New to Fantasy. Noobie advice?


    I have just started the hobby a couple of weeks ago. I will be forming a Dark Elf army in the coming months. I am only about half way through the rule book and I have read some of the army book. I am very noobie to Fantasy, but I have been playing games like Risk, Chess, and RTS video games for years now so I know I will be a fast learner. I talk a lot with the people at GW and have been reading forums and other tactics whenever I can.

    Basically, I would like some advice from other DE players as where I should start. Like, what size army should I start with? Which units should I avoid or use all the time. Basically all the noob stuff. I know I need to finish reading the books and I will in the next week. Sorry if this is not the place to be asking things like this but I figured I would give it a shot. I will want a balanced army because I am sure I will be playing a variety of people and armies. I am going to aim for competitive builds because I am a very competitive person in any game I play.

    Any info or advice will be much appreciated

    Thanks in advance!

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    starting with a 1k army is usually advisable. It gives you a bit of a feel for the army without spending that much money if you dont like it.

    DE plays pretty quick and mobile. We dont have many units that can survive that much shooting/long periods of combat against more heavily armored foes. The average save for a DE is 5+ (executioners/BG/warriors (w/ spears))

    Personally I'd stay away from units like witch elves (2 attacks + frenzy) but they have no armor save and get destroyed by any amount of shooting. Other than that, every other unit in the DE army book seems to serve a very good purpose.

    In a 2k army I tend to run a large block of 17 BG w/ the ASF banner and a dreadlord w/ soulrender. Id have a lvl 1 caddy mage. block of 20 warriors, 10 executioners, 5 dark riders, 2 units of repeater crossbowmen, bolth thrower, 6 shades, 5 CoK and a war hydra.

    I like to incorporate many different units in the army for a good balance.

    Now you can go with theme armies such as raiders (Dark riders/corsairs/BT) or khanite (Executioners/Witch elves) but those seem to be more fun than compedative.

    Its just based on your preference, DE can go almost no magic more hard hitting units like mine or magic heavey with CC backup.

    Personally I think every army should have atleast 1 unit of BG, Repeater Crossbowmen, and Dark Riders. Also, my personal favorite the CoK (or chariot depending on what you want).

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