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    Blind leading the Blind

    I've played WH40K for about a year now, SM, CSM, nids, and i've got it down pretty solid now and i've been trying to get my GF to play. She read the novels with me and fell in love with the Darkblade stories she'd been helping me paint my mini's so i figured WTH I'll grab her the malus model next time i go to the store. I get there pick it up and for kicks picked up the witch king model too. Now she wants to play fantasy battle and my best freind has sided with her.

    So here I am 3 1500 point+ 40k amies and now I'm playing WFB so if yall wouldn't mind maybe giving me some pointers, good units for a starting army, maybe some basic starts i could pass on. And i know probably isn't exactly the section for it but maybe some suggestions on what a good army to compliment or counter the Dark Elves. thanks for your time

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    Hmm, just briefly (and in no particular order ) :
    - Get one or 2 characters at first, one sorceress
    -warriors are mainly anvils so should be 20+ unit size with full command
    -battalion is worth it
    -cold one knights are a good hammer unit, should be 5 or 6 strong, no ranks
    - reaper bolt throwers should be in 2s for economy and they're good at 1500+ point games
    -executioners or black guard are good, should be 6 wide, so maybe in units of 18 or 12
    - fast cavalry should be in units of 5 and used to bait n' flee or charge flanks or both

    any thing else just ask, and if you're gonna start other armies check out this thread, should help
    "Knights had no meaning in this game. This wasn't a game for knights."

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    Here are some "Must have" units, chosen because of beeing standart elements or good units.

    0. Dreadlord (personal advice)
    Personally I run my dreadlord with Armor of Darkness, Pendant of Kaeleth, Soulrender. 4 Stength 6 -4 Armor Save attacks which can be rerolled in first round and a decent 1+ Armor save combined with reverse wardsave. The higher the enemies strength, the better your wardsave. Pendant is a must on him. You can field him with up to 7 attacks with strength 4 (strengh 7 for one round through potion of strengh possible) and with 1+ Armor Save AND reverse ward save as well if you put him on a cold one. Because of the great magic items druchii got which negate the dreadlords weaknesses you get a really great fighting character. Always take him over High sorcress. You can mount him on a black dragon as well (then take armor of darkness, pendant of kaeleth and crimson death for 1+ (armor)/possible 2+(ward) Saves and 4 strengh 6 attacks of him, and 5 strengh 6 attacks form the dragon (so 9 strengh 6 attacks). Because you got hatred, both, dreadlord and dragon reroll failed to hit dices. Eats everything for breakfast, quite unfair unit, only take it if you hate your enemy or for tourneys, itīs really hart and unbalanced.
    1. Black Guard
    At least you should have 10 of them, better 15. Combined with a magic banner that makes them strike first even when charged, they can tear up nearly every enemy unit. As well they are not affectet by psychology and stubborn, so they are both, anvil and hammer. Very powerfull unit, even better with character in it. With character, best unit a Druchii can have. With highborn (see equippment above) even slays charging knights with ease. Only Problem- vulnerable to shooting, but as a DE you got cheap meatshields.
    2. Hydra
    Low price, hard in combat, can take a lot of damage, fast, great breath weapon. Hydra is an excellent unit and great, but remember, itīs mainly great against light and medium targets, against high armor saves and a lot of passiv bonus it shouldnīt be thrown in combat in hope to win.
    3. Harpies
    Harpies are one of the best dark elves units. 2x5 harpies are great to hunt war machines, to block line of sight (soaking fire), lone character hunting of to redirect the enemie. Absolutly great unit for low points.
    4. Dark Riders
    Same as harpies, more expensive, but more versatile. Great to redicrect, shooting, even support in combat (flank charging) or to fight small units on their own. Can be abused as meatshields either, if necessary)
    5. Crossbows or Spearman
    Its a question what you want. Crossbows can hit expensive T3 low AS units hard, but when the combat begins they got no targets and against units with T4 or a good armor save they perform quite poor. Some people like them, I donīt. Great against Elves and orgers (just because orgers are easy to kill even with T4), against T3 low AS in Hordes (orks and goblins, undead) crap. Take them if you know you will face high elves or ogrers. Otherwise, better leave them at home.
    Spearman are cheap warriors. Fielded with command, magic warbanner and 25 man you got a great anvil that can hold his ground against most opponents. Donīt expect them to do much damage, but with a passive bonus of +6 they can hold up equal troops, even smaller knight units. Some generals like me put their dreadlord in here. So you get +6 passive bonus AND the active bonus from combat. But be carefull- flank or rear charges and units with many attacks are their death. Only put your Dreadlord in here if you consider yourself an experienced player, otherwise the unit and your general might be dead quickly. Without Dreadlord great unit as well for smaller purposes. If you take them without shields, maybe 20, they can be used as a sacrificial unit for your sorcress, because she can generate power dices through killing some mates. Warriors will most times be the better choice.

    Units you shouldnīt buy
    1. Witch Elves
    Worst unit in the Dark Elves Book. No Armor, have to charge the first enemy possible, many attacks but low strengh, too expensive for what they do. Only usefull against Undead, Orgres, Orks and Goblins.
    2. Manticore
    I own a Manticore and play it because of style reasons (master on manticore). It will most times die in the first or second round through ordinary archers (no armor or save, few wounds) and has no great damage output, but costs a ton of points.
    3. Executioners
    Not a bad unit but very hard to play. Expensive and great weapon means they hit hart (very hard) but because they will most times strike last (unless charge) they will be killed easily. With 1 attack, they are only usefull against high AS enemies as knights (but knights will most times charge first and then your executioners get slaughtered and run away). They become more usefull and playable if you field a cauldron of blood. With 5+ Ward when charged and stubborn they can hold their ground, with 2 strengh 6 attacks in the following round they are really fair. If you put the battlestandartbearer with the strike first banner into a 20 man executioner unit with cauldron support you get a really really really hart hitting unit. The more points you spent on them, their uses is ē. If you only want them for Style reasons, do not spend more than 200 points on them.
    4. Corsairs
    Not bad at all, but there are better units that fullfill the same role for less points. If you want to take them, take them they are okay, but not a unit you want in an competive army.

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