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    Maximizing Magic in a RoH list.

    A couple friends and I play pretty regularly. My roomate plays Lizzies, and every lord spot available is a Slaan. My other friend plays WoC and his lords are Tzeench casters, or Daemon Prince casters. I hate magic "shoot outs" so i opt for the RoH and I just keep the rule book open to the miscast table.

    A nasty trick i've picked up is keeping my sorcs withing the ring's radius, but using a focus familiar to prevent miscasting myself.

    I also place my sorcs on the outside of a unit, so that the unit is within the ring's radius but my sorc is not. While this doesn't prevent snipe spells from hitting my sorc, it still provides the unit the protection of the RoH.

    I'm a stickler about range and correct movement, so my question is; Am I allowed to measure the ring's radius during themovement phase? Yes, I do realize how "cheesy" this is, but doesn't this sound exactly how the Dark Elves would do it themselves? Also, any thoughts or comments on this strategy are more than welcome.

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    I believe there isn't anything in the rules to prevent you from measuring the rings range so I guess you can. However the down side to measuring this range is that you reveal where it is, also keep note that Lizardmen have items to minimise the effects of miscasts.

    Recently I've played without the ring but I normally keep it with my Knights champion to save points on my characters. Note with two units of knights you can keep your opponent guessing which one has the ring if you don't change lists very often.
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