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    DE Offer Question

    1 Dark Elf Battalion (This is a boxed set which includes multiple units)
    1 Dark Elf Warriors Regiment (12 Spearmen)
    1 Dark Elf Crossbow Regiment (16 Crossbow men)
    1 Dark Elf Cold One Regiment (5 Cold One Knights)
    1 Dark Elf Corsairs Regiment (20 Corsairs)

    1 Dark Elf Warriors Box (16 Dark Elf Spearmen or Crossbowmen)

    2 Boxes of Dark Elf Witch Elves (10 witch elves)

    1 Boxes of Dark Elf Cold One Knights (5 Knights)

    1 Dark Elf Executioners (5 Executioners)

    1 Dark Elf Executioners Command (1 Standard Bearer, 1 champion, 1 musician, 2 executioners)

    2 Dark Elf Black Guard (10 Black Guard)

    1 Dark Elf Corsairs Box (10 Corsairs)

    2 Repeater Bolt Throwers Artillery Units

    1 Dread Lord Cold One Mount

    1 Dread Lord On foot

    1 Dark Elf Codex

    Found an offer for this. Sad thing is, I don't want half the things (Witch Elves, Executioners...) in my army. Would this still be worth it for 240, and then get some Black Gaurds and Dark Riders plus an assassin and Sorcs on my own?

    See, my list is something more along the lines of:
    Dreadlord - Black Dragon, Soulrender, Armor of Eternal Servitude, Pendant of Khaeleth
    (Rides with the Cold Ones)
    564 points

    Sorceress - Sacrificial Dagger, Dispel Scroll, Level 2 Updrage
    (With the Warriors)
    185 points

    Sorceress - Dark Steed, Dispel Scrollx2
    (Rides with the Dark Riders


    Assassin - Manane and Rune of Khaine
    146 points

    Warriors x29 - Shield, Musician, Standard Bearer
    212 points

    Dark Riders x6 - RxB, Shield
    138 points

    Dark Riders x6 - RxB, Shield
    138 points


    Cold One Knights x5 - Dread Knight
    159 points

    Black Guard x19 - Kouran, Banner of Hag Graef
    365 points


    War Hydra
    175 points

    So I was thinking, maybe replace some warriors with Corsairs or something along those lines...

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    Are you rich?

    It's a lot of unused units, and not even half of your army, so i would say no. But you could always sell what you don't need.

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    80 (x2)

    Looks like you are getting roughly half off. If you are going to use about half and can sell off the other half you could get what you want virtually free. Not bad if you are willing to put the effort into reselling the unwanted items. Or you could keep them. You never know when you want to try new things.

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