Okay, so I wrote this list just for fun and I am going to try it against my friend to mess with him a bit because he wont see it coming at all.

Lord: Dreadlord Crimson Death, Blood Armor, Pendant of Kaleth, Cloak of Dark Souls (can scout) 249 (with Shades)

Heros: Hag Queen 5+ward, ASF banner 180 (with Black Guard)

Sorceress lvl2 Scroll, Familiar 185 (with crossbowmen)

Core: Crossbowmen x10 100
Cross bowmen x10 100

Dark Riders x5 Muso RxB 117
Dark Riders x5 Muso RxB 117

Harpies x5 55

Assassin, +d3 att, KB, Black Lotus (with Shades)

Special: Shades x6 GW

Black Guard x14 FC 230

Cold One Knights x5 FC Banner of Cold blood 190

Rare: Bolt Thrower x2

Basically it will just throw him off to see such a powerhouse unit half way across the table in deployment. Not sure how it will work out but it seems like it will be a fun idea.