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    First time fighting demons need help!!

    I will soon be playing against 2000 points of demons (no bloodthirster luckily), and having never played against them i need any help that i can get with making a list. I have no idea where to start, but i was thinking heavy magic would be a plus.
    Any ideas are welcome, as i need all the information i can get. Thanks!

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    Magic heavy can be dangerous for you (it really depends on what's in his army.). Good use of ItP troops is a good start - Fear is never fun for an elven army, so if you can reduce its effects (even if you use fear-causing units) you'll survive that bit longer. Black Guard, COK and the Pearl of Infinite Bleakness are your friends.

    Make sure you can thin out units like Flesh hounds - some shades out on the flanks might be wise and support them with RBTs.

    And keep the majority of your army together - if some units don't have support daemons are just likely to take them apart since one-on-one, your units are slightly worse. Banner of Hag Graef is always useful.

    It's difficult to be any more specific - Daemons have a number of builds they can come to the table with, from the all-herald approach to the Tzeentch magical apocalypse.

    If he turns up with the Blue Scribes and the Great Standard of Sundering your magic phase could work against you and cripple at least one of your casters. But it's an if...

    Having an army and not owning a rulebook is like owning a car with no steering wheel.

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    The list that gives DE the most trouble is actually the Slaanesh LD bomb. It is by far the most abusive of all the lists. Magic resistance everywhere, forced charges into combats you can't win, and nuked leadership from Masque and the banner, means even elves start running like goblins. Add in the fact that Slannesh is faster than DE, and it really is ugly for the DE.

    The solution to beating daemons is having the right build for the job. Volume of shooting works against the MR Khorne and slaanesh builds. Solid ItP combat units beat up on the tzeentch lists. (assuming you have good magic defense) Fast armies with good magic and shooting have the best chance against nurgle. If he brings a mixed army, then it gets a bit tricky.

    The most important part of fighting daemons is to only engage the smallest part of their army as possible. Since they don't run away, you must either kill all of them, or win by enough to make them die from instability. This is not an easy task, so remember there is no such thing as overkill. Throw your entire army at on part of his, and try and beat him piecemeal. Daemons have so many advantages trying for a quick massacre will almost always backfire.

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