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    Vs big-un Orcs 1K

    Hi all,

    I'm playing my first game in a long time this weekend, vs 1K orcs and goblins. I think I'm going up against a unit of big-uns, a unit of big-un boar riders, a boar chariot with a hero in it, and maybe some other odds and ends.

    I was thinking of going with my usual marchblocking tactics: dark riders, cold one knights, a SCR spear unit. maybe a RBT or sorceress if I can squeeze it in.

    This will be his first real game of warhammer, so I don't wanna get too brutal against him, but I thought I'd see if there are suggestions or cautions against Big-un Orcs.


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    if your looking to go up against him AND go easy on him......

    vs O&G, assuming of course his army does not come apart via animosity if you are really looking to give him a chance, while I think War Hydra's are great to have, out of that or the RBT, I would go with a War Hydra if only that the RBT will do more to upset things in your favor.

    Maybe that and avoid in general missle troops and go for a CC style list that DE don't normally do

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    Quote Originally Posted by GMJoeSolarte View Post
    a CC style list that DE don't normally do
    Don't they? There are a lot of brutal DE CC lists around, and they do well at it.

    As for O&G, if you want to go easy on him I'd steer away from the Hydra on the grounds that the Terror has the potential to demolish his army without you having to really do anything. Okay, so it might not happen but if it does it will be potentially devastating.

    I'd suggest a balance between CC and shooting - don't overdo either of them. O&G seldom present much of a challenge to DE unless in the hands of a skilled O&G general, and they often need a fair number of chariots to do well (DISCLAIMER: I know this is a sweeping generalisation, and I'm not saying that O&G can't beat DE - just that they're at a disadvantage).

    That said, I learned to play warhammer by being soundly beaten time after time. I still can't win, but at least I know how to play...

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