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    Competitive 2000pt lists

    Hey folks

    Looking for advice on these two lists, more specifically which one should i use in an upcoming tournament. But lists are designed to be in your face almost from the very start and mostly differ in lord and hero choices.

    The first one is pure cheese but is very weak in the magic phase,

    Dreadlord w/ Pendant of Khaeleth, Caledor's bane, Potion of Strength, HA, SDC, Shield, Black Dragon (big scary dragonlord, has more bark than bite though)

    Death Hag w/ Cauldron of Blood

    3x5 Dark Riders Musician, Repeater xbows

    2x5 harpies

    2x5 Cold One Knights, Dread Knights ( one with ring of hotek) {alternatively, could drop a unit of Cok and cold ones for 15 ASF Black Guard- they are absolutely brutal with a cauldron about.)

    5 Shades w/ gw

    2 War hydra

    Second list: more balanced but still beardy

    Lvl 4 Black Staff, pendant , Dark Pegasus ( I love this gal, she can generate at least 8 dice on her own, maybe 11-12 with lucky PoD rolls)
    Lvl 2 tome of furion, dispell scroll, Dark Steed

    Assassin w/ Rending stars, Manbane, AHW (Alternatively: another Lvl 2 with focus familiar and dispell scroll)

    3x5 Dark Riders Musician, Repeater xbows

    2x5 harpies

    7 Shades w/ gw

    2x5 Cold One Knights, full command

    2 War Hydra

    Opinions/ thoughts?

    Edit: oops, wrong forum. Sorry, could a mod move this to it's proper place? Thanks.

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    The first list has too many toys, not enough substance. Dragon and 2 hdyras? fine, a nasty monster list. Adding a cauldron and 2 units of CoKs as the only legit use for it? CoKs with upgrades are expensive enough, paying 200 points for essentially another is inefficient.

    Second list could use some points shaving to get some more bodies in there as well. I would cut all command on the CoKs and DR, and increase the number off shades (either in another unit, or as one bigger one.), or up the number of CoKs in each unit to 6. (six wide is the most you normally can get in vs 20mm)

    TBH I personally don't think either list is beardy. For them to be beardy you would cut down on unneeded upgrades and added even more units to it. Unit upgrades unless you are going deathstar are the death of min/max list.

    I would go with list 2, as it has heavy magic without the heavy price tag. It is lacking quite a bit on the static res, but DE don't normally do that anyways.

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