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    A game to remeber

    Today i vsed VC 2250 points with my darkelves,my list was roughly 5 coldone knights w/ malus, 10 rxb men 1 level 2 naked sorceress, supremse sorceress with focus familiar, Hydra, 20 spearelves fc an assassin 5 shades, black guard with master x15 fc asf banner/ ring of hotek (mastrt had the pendent) 5 dark riders and 2 reaper xbows!

    He had a lord vamp chick on bone dragon with auto hit lance and she can rewound if she wounds somthing with red swords or somthing, 2 units of skele's 1 with Corpse cart other with vamp hero, 1 unit zombies, black coach, bloodknights thats it i think. and bats.

    not gonna do this in a battle report style but just highlights.

    1st turn i manage to despell most spells but malus takes 1 wound from a spell which really screwed me up later in game, my shooting does 1wound to dragon and a couple skeles dead not much, fryed 4 zombies lol..

    2nd turn.. of pain. Bloodknights charge and kill hydra in 1 swift swoop + bm's and overruns, same said about my cold1 knights and malus who overrun into my rxb men with naked sorc.. they next turn get beaten and run down off the board. I kill 2.5 bars with the last 1 going to charge my Reaper crossbow which he forgot he had

    3rd turn black guards get attacked by 2 units at once, get a few kills stubborn and stay, black coach 1 of them has every upgrade other then fly which it gets next turn other boring stuffs happening

    my lord gets charged by bone dragon runs, next turn chraged runs and dies D:

    all is destoyed on my side other then 2 reapers and shade assassin unit, last roll of hame dead dragon and the bish riding it... 750 points for me and block knights reduce to half ending in a draw! after my hydra AND malus with cold1 died i thought i was gonna lose thts almost a 3rd of my army but i told myself i will fight till the end and it payed off 200 point bolt throwers almost solo winning me the game with over 1100 vps between them

    Goes to show never giving up works gg VC best game ive ever had

    Dark Elves W/D/L/ 11-3-3
    Dwarfs W/D/L 0/1/2
    Last game: Dwarfs - Draw

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    I saw avery similar game myself not long ago,
    down at the local hobby shop, VC vs dark elves, new DE player didn't have a single wizard in 1250, but gave up on 4th turn, missing the chance to charge the VC's general in the flank with malus a bsb and 7 CoK, could have changed the game quite drasticaally. It's good to hear you didn't give in though, my moto,
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