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    1000 pt maneuverability Beginner

    Hi guys,
    I recently just got back into the hobby and me and my mates are building armies (aiming for 2000pt).
    Anyway I have a basic idea of how to build an army list and what I want to do with the army, however i'm certain there will be things that can be improved.
    What I am aiming for is an army which will be fun to play and play against, and also that will be competitive.


    Lvl 2
    Life Taker
    Dark steed
    2 dispel scrolls

    Armour of eternal solidtute
    Sea dragons cloak
    Sword of Might
    Cold One


    5 dark riders

    5 dark riders


    5 cold one knights
    Full Command
    Standard of slaughter
    Ring of Hotek


    War hydra

    total: 996

    The plan for the list is to get some good combo charges in with the speed and maneuverability of the army. The Sorceress is primarily for Magic defense and to hang in the DR unit with RxB hopefully harassing his marching.
    I play against skaven, VC, and TK primarily as this is what my friends play. Do you guys think this will do ok? And what can be done to improve it?


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    honestly I don't think it will do that well.

    First off, too much magic defense for this point level. Ring, 3 dice, and 2 scrolls is way too much for 1k. Rind isn't good against low cast values at all, it is good against 3+ dice. (and doesn't work vs TK) Scrolls are expensive defense at this level, since most spells are low value and what not. 1 Lvl 2 wizard isn't going to do much TBH, she gets 2 spells, but with just 4 dice (plus maybe PoD) she won't do much more than get d6 magic missiles. She also is illegal, since you have 50 points of scrolls, plus an expensive magic bow. Hero characters only have a 50 point budget.

    Your model count is pathetically low. Against skaven shooting you might last 2 turns. Might, but probably won't. Against VC and TK, you won't be able to break their SCR by enough to break them on the charge. Then you are stuck in their unbreakable and potentially regenerating units until you eventually whiff and get run down. You don't have enough units to truly multicharge in a way that will tie up enough of their force.

    At 1k you don't have much room for expensive toys for your units and characters, you have enough to buy a good chunk of a force, but bare bones only. So with that in mind here is a much more effective force with mobility in mind:

    Master: dark steed, full mundane armor, pair of repeater handbows, lance, seal of ghrond ~ 152

    5 dark riders: rxb ~ 110
    5 dark riders: rxb ~ 110
    8 harpies ~ 88

    5 CoKs ~ 135
    5 CoKs ~ 135
    5 shades: GW ~ 90

    War hydra ~ 175

    Total ~ 995

    still have 3 dispel dice, have twice as many Knights, shades and harpies can do early harassment and marchblocking (and potentially attack weak support units) There is a fair amount of shooting, (34 shots and a flame template) for this points level, but all of the units can hit pretty hard in combat too. Only shades are slow, and they get to scout first turn. Against armies that don't have much shooting (like VC) your master can even go out on his own and just use his bows (and his high BS) to pick off small units and solo characters.

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