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    Dark Elves for Sale

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section
    The auction can be found here
    for auction today is my army of Dark Elves. The Army was collected over a few edition and includes some rare and OOP models. The models included used in Army Builder came out to 5,000 points not including any wargear. Everything in the pictures is included. Not shown is the 3 books and movement trays.
    Included is the 6th Edition Codex, 7th Edition Codex and the 7th Edition Hardcover Rulebook.
    Model Count ~225 - All assembled and mostly Primed.
    24 Unbuilt Warriors
    32 Spearmen (painted black and teal)
    23 Swordsmen (4th Edition)
    2 Assasins, 14 Corsairs (5th Edition)
    2 Banners, 3 Champions, 2 Metal Spearmen, 2 Music Players (5th Edition)
    Morathi on Dark Pegasus, 3 Mounted Sorceresses
    4 Sorceresses on Foot (5th, 6th, 7th edition and Avatars of War)
    5 Harpies, 22 Metal Crossbowmen
    1 Noble on Foot
    8 Cold One Riders (Riding Raptors)
    2 Cold One Nobles (Riding Raptors)
    21 Witch Elves
    2 Death Hags
    15 Black Guard (5th Edition)
    10 Manflayers
    12 Shades
    2 Reaper Bolt Throwers, 4 crew included (5th Edition)
    A ton of bits and extra bases are included
    Custom movement trays are included for the above army

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    A little more details:
    1 More day left

    The 8 Cold Ones, and there 2 Generals are from 5th edition and are all metal. In the pictures they are unbuilt and all parts are included to make them. The Cold Ones do infact look like Raptors

    21 Witch Elves - There are 13 Current Witch Elves including full command, and the remaining 8 Witch Elves are from 5th edition.

    15 Black Guard - These Black Guard are from 5th edition and had the pointy tip of the axe removed so they look like executioners. There is a command included from the current edition of executioners

    24 Unbuilt Warriors - They are the current edition, and removed from sprue. They are ready to be assembled as either spearmen or crossbowmen

    32 Spearmen - They guys are painted black, silver and teal and are the current edition

    23 Swordsmen - These are from 4th or 5th edition and came in boxes of 8 models.

    2 Assasins - These are from 6th edition and are wearing cloaks and have daggers/short swords

    14 Corsairs - These are the great looking models from 2 editions ago (5th edition) They are wrapped in dragon scales, and are armed with a hand axe and a sword (2 CCW)

    The 2 banners, 3 champions, and 2 music players - These are from 5th edition and are a match for the corsairs, swordsmen and crossbowmen. The Banner can also be used as a BSB

    Morathi - she is unassembled but her dark pegasus is assembled. Current edition

    Mounted Sorceresses - These were from 6th edition, and were supposed to be mounted on Cold Ones. I was going to convert them to be riding Dark Steeds

    Dark Riders - These are the current edition Dark riders. There are 6 bodies (1 champ) and 5 horses.

    5 Harpies - These are the current edition ones. Really sweet looking

    Noble on foot is a sculpt from West Wind Productions. He has a unique pose!

    2 Death Hags - One of these is a sculpt from West Wind Productions and is carring a twisted dagger. The second one is from Avatars of War and is the Dark Elf Queen

    4 Sorceress (sorceror) on foot - What is included is the 5th edition sorceror, 6th, and 7th edition sorceress and the sorceress from Avatars of War, she looks really great!

    10 Manflayers - These guys are the dogs of war box set that is OOP now. I've used them as Shades in competative games and against freinds Ive used them as Manflayers. They include unit leader, music player and magic banner. They are armed with Great weapon and handbows

    12 Shades - These are the current edition and are armed with swords and x-bows

    2 Reaper Bolt Throwers - These are the sweet looking ones from 5th edition that have the deamon faces on the ammo boxes. Comes with a total of 2 weapons and 4 crew. The crew match the rest of the army (being an OOP army)

    The movement trays that are included but are not pictured were made from 2 boxes of GamesWorkshop brand Custom Movement Trays. They are basecoated a forest wasteland colors and have gravel glued on. I made all the trays required for this army, and some extra. Since GW gives you less "sides" then they do bottoms for the trays, I made my own sides to make cav trays for the army

    Bits - There are enouph bits to convert 15 Glade Riders into Dark Riders. That was my original intention with the army, and the reason why I have 3 mounted sorceresses

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