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    archer heavy dark elf list ? (1000 p, need suggestions)

    Heya fellow librariums and other dudes

    It has crossed my mind to try to make a heavy-on-range-dependant DE army, and this came out of it:

    Master, hydra blade (+D3 attacks), blood armor (6+, then 5+ save etc),dark steed (142)
    49 RxC 490
    21 dew + standerd + musician 135
    Hydra 175
    5 Harpie 55
    Total 997 p
    I intended to put all 49 crosbowmen in the middle, 19 on a hil, 10 in front of it, 10 on eighter side looking at the middle. The harpies would try to marchblock the enemy while the hydra would take anything the enemy can trown on the left side.

    On the far right would be the DE warriors holding the right flank, while between the most right RxC and the Dew the master would ride, trying to charge the weakest units in the center to gain more armor bonus.

    Any advice is well appreciated (still thinking about exchanging the hydra for black guard, though a hydra seems more deadly to me as I cant spare the points for the BG +banner)

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    I play a shooting-heavy DE list myself. To make lots of archers work, you need to use some unconventional thinking; the formation you describe isn't going to work well, mainly because it's too spread out to focus fire or be effectively supported.

    I recommend using blocks of 20-25 crossbowmen with full command and shields. Not all of them will be able to shoot all the time but the unit can do double-duty as an excellent source of SCR. Also, running a few large blocks instead of a lot of small, spread-out units allows just a couple characters to support your entire formation. Start the blocks at 10 wide (on a hill if you can), and when the enemy closes in reduce your ranks to 5 wide. That way, you get at least +4 SCR with a useful armor save in combat. With any luck, your shooting will have reduced your enemy to a level at which that kind of anvil can finish him, or at least hold while you set up a flank charge.

    On a similar note, don't send your Master to fight alone. SCR will crush him and any enemies without much SCR will have mobility. Besides, you need his leadership bubble to hold the lines.

    How do you plan to handle heavy-armor or magic-heavy lists? My own local metagame has a ridiculous number of Warriors of Chaos, dwarves and armored cavalry lists, and I rely on four bolt throwers and Cold One cavalry more than my crossbowmen.
    "My tanks have names, my men have numbers." -Col. Edmund Grahvess, 23rd Kronecker Prison Guard

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    Well the first thing I noticed is that for a shooty list, you have very few bolt throwers. None is a fairly low number, when looking at lists of this kind.

    Actually, the very first thing i noticed is that your character does not have a shield despite having only one weapon. I thought it might have been your points total, but you have 3 spare points, so give him a shield.

    What is crucial to these lists is the ability to crush the enemy's powerful units - usually heavily armoured. On this note, having a bolt thrower will help mightily. A unit of knights or any heavy cavalry will ruin your day, as they have a charge range longer than your hydra or warriors and can break a unit of crossbowmen in one turn of combat. Relying on repeater crossbows to get through 1+ armour doesn't usually end well.

    And, yes, as Intrepid said, you might want to put your character in a unit rather than by himself on a dark steed - your citizens need his leadership bonus and he needs their bodies to keep him out of harm's way. Give him a crossbow and he can serve on the firestep too.

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