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Thread: Whats "new"

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    Whats "new"

    Hi all

    A long time Dark Elf general, I havent actually followed tabletop games for some years. Last I played (or followed) was back before the Storm of Chaos ended, with the 6th edition DE. For some reason I checked out the gamesworkshop site and noticed everything had changed! 7th edition released and a new look DE list. Gave me a surprise, but also somewhat exciting! Back when I was playing I always felt that DE had a couple of serious flaws with their lists/rules. For example, there were a couple of 'dead' units - ones that were rarely fielded and when they did they didnt justify themselves, CoB, BG, assassins etc. Note, that I distinguish the difference between flaws and weaknesses. Weakness implies a trade off with something else, flaws are, well flaws.

    So at a brief look around (looking at army lists etc), without looking at the army book/detailed rules etc, I noticed some changes from 6th ed that seem for the better
    - assassins not a hero
    - BG now fieldable (and a special)
    - hatred on everything
    - a couple of good magic items
    - witch elf hero
    - magic now seems to be a real strength

    SO basically, what I wanted to know is;
    1) for those of you who played DE 6th edition, how does it compare? (in terms of army balance, tactics, depth, and of course the funfactor)
    2) what are the best improvements/changes?

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    Well you already summed up most of the best improvements. But a few others I can think of are improved Ld 9 on chariots, so they are less impaired by stupidity (allthough I think stupidity still wasnt toned down enough). S4 on the crew and also Cold One Knights is nice too.
    I think War Hydras are pretty deadly now, but I never bought one as it's still giant lump of metal they should have made it plastic.
    Ability for Core troops to take magic banners is nice, and some long needed point reductions across several units (spearmen, assassins, etc etc)

    As for comparisson to 6th edition. I'd say overall it's basically the same tactics, but now it feels like you actually get something in return for all those weaknesses.
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    Well, the biggest difference between 6th ed book and the current is the fact that you can field more than just one type of army and do well with it. No more MSU/MSE or expect to lose issues. Want to play with blocks of troops and win with SCR, there is a build for that. Want an all mounted army, can be done and its effective. Monsters all over the place? You can bring 4 terror causing monsters at 2k. Gunline army on your mind? You can bring an army where every model fires some sort of missile, yet still functions as other roles. Their magic with the lore of darkness is really offensively oriented, so a powerful magic list is very good as well. You can make survivable heroes, so your nobles no longer are just dead chumps in challenges.

    That being said, DE are still a glass cannon army, but at least this time when they hit, they actually hit hard.

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