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    Thinking of Starting DE, need a little help

    Hi there,

    I've just found some DE models in my spare bedroom and with the release of 8th edition I was wondering if it was worth starting DE as a competitive army.

    I was wondering if anyone could perhaps list a few essential units that DE need, i hear harpies are essential but I really don't like them from a personal point of view. However, if they are needed to run a competitive list I will use them.

    If anyone good provide any information on kitting out characters like SS or Dreadlords that would be great also. I'm looking at going for a 3k army so I can have pretty much any sized game I like.

    Any personal experiences on what works well with DE such as magic lores and equipment you give to your dark underlings will be greatly appreciated.



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    Just started playing Dark Elves again and getting back into fantasy. BSB is always a must (hard to do at 1000, though), I can't tell you how many times I've had units break or panic despite LD 8 or 9. Master w/ BSB, Armor of Destiny, Shield, and Sea Dragon Cloak. He won't kill much, but he will be very difficult to kill with 3+(2+ vs shooting)/4++.

    I'm running a supreme sorceress with Dark Pegasus, Lvl 4 Upgrade, and Pendant of Khaeleth. A darkstar cloak or focus familiar wouldn't be bad. A Lvl 2 sorceress with the Tome of Furion is pretty damn effective as well. I'm a fan of running shadows or dark magic with preference on the 1st.

    As for the rest of the army for competitive builds? Two hydras will go far. Some solid shooting from repeater crossbows is good. If you don't like harpies, shades or darkriders(w/ repeater crossbows + musician) are also good at hunting warmachines/harrasing. A solid block or two of spearmen (25-30 ) aren't bad either IMO.

    With 3000 you'll have a lot of crazy stuff to play with. I have no idea what to do at that high a point level.

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