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    CoB question and defeating Dwarf Gunline

    Hi, have been playing DE for little while now and am expanding my army to include Khainite's.

    Does anyone use the cauldron of blood and if so how? My main issue with it, if I have read the rules correctly is that it is a war machine and therefore can't charge and attack anyone, leading it to be sitting on the table granting its blessing, (useful I agree) or waiting to be charged. Or have I missed something?

    Currently having difficulties with a dwarf opponent new to my gaming club, who runs a large number of cannons, flame cannons and organ guns combined with anti-magic runes.
    At the moment I am using shades and harpies to flank his war machines but any other suggestions would be welcome, I have no problems destroying his infantry units but my hydra's are normally dead on turn one.

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    Hi, I actually have the same question about the COB, I'm debating picking one up and using it in my army. Looking at it quickly though, it looks crazy, not to mention tough to kill. With the new rules for war machines the crew are basically there as "wound counters", which according to the Dark Elf FAQ once it suffers one wound, you remove one hag, wound 2 is another hag, wound 3 goes to the death hag, and then another wound is necessary to kill off the Death Hag and remove the COB from the table. The crew get to use the toughness of the COB when being shot though, which is sick, toughness 10 is solid, plus the attendants get the 4+ ward save.

    The crew themselves pump out 10 poisoned attacks including frenzy, 13 if you bless them with the cauldron. It's true that it can't charge, but it can still move the distance of the crew, 5". Oh, and it causes terror, not terribly (ha pardon the pun) effective as the cauldron can't charge, but it gets the added bonus that when attacked in CC the attackers have to roll for their fear test or have their WS reduced to 1. And also, being a war machine, only a maximum of 6 models can attack the Cauldron at one time (with monstrous infantry, cavalry, and beasts counting as 3 models each and a monster counting as 5).

    Not to mention if you upgrade the Death Hag to a BSB, she's stubborn due to Khainite/Altar of Khaine rule, and re-rolls failed LD test on LD 9.

    It sounds ridiculous, but I'd shield the hydra with the COB as even cannons and organ guns will have a hard time damaging T10. Get him to charge you (you should strike first anyways, the attendants are both I6 and the hag has Initiative eight) then keep the Hydra back to wreck whatever is left.

    I had no idea until I looked at it closer today, but the Cauldron is awesome!

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