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    New dark Eldar miniatures?

    I was looking over the new dark eldar 40k minis and alot of them look really exciting. I am wondering which of them are viable as conversions to whfb.

    Has anyone else had a similar thought? To me plastic witches could be an option here, but the 40k ones have armor on... Would anyone think that would be a conflict in game?

    The option I am really interested in is the incubi miniatures as executioners. They look great, have big weapons and look pretty menacing!
    The new archon and special characters also look pretty good, lelith hesperax as a death hag, and the archon is a perfect dreadlord!

    Just thinking out loud here, any other ideas for conversions from those new minis would be greatly appreciated!

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    Now that you mention it...

    the model for the Archon's could make a pretty cool Dreadlord or possibly even Malekith replacement.

    Also the Incubi or Mandrakes could make interesting Black Guard or Executioner models depending on fluff and other models. Although not really cheaper, if you've got the money to burn, it could be worth a shot.

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    I think the 3 you mentioned would work great. THe wyches barely have any armour on. They're just not naked with a loin cloth.

    Archon make a great dread lord, and incubi great black guard and or executioners. Even though they have decent models already, and are same price.
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