Lately I had the idea of converting household maestro d'armi for my Dark Elf army (perhaps a bit drow-inspired), gathered into rather loose and undisciplined yet proud, stern and highly trained, the weaponmasters of Druchii, the Fellblades of Mordheim gathered into small bands of elite troops.
I started converting and after the first ten were ready, I began to think how I'd like to deploy them. I was thinking Corsairs from the start, but changing Sea Dragon Cloacks and Light Armour is impossible and it was hard to explain such specific Heavy Armour.

And they I though: "Hey, their elite, very special, possibly stubborn, and have two weapons, or maybe are good enough to have two attacks with single weapon each... And S4... Executoniers have, these can two, especially since they carry a mix of exotic and distinct weaponry, from swords, draichs, flails to lego katanas (these look good, believe me!). And WS5 would fit better!" Reminding myself about Warrior Elite rule, I had no more doubts how will I field, especially since these models not only look coll but are cheaper than Blackguard, being made from Warrior, Corsair, Cold One Knight and Wood Elf Glade Guard bits.

And I started writing an army list including these fellas. And since there are no more slots, no other limits then points, I though that having no command and gathering in units not larger then 10, perhaps 12 set in two ranks, with high I, they would be perfect, daunting holders or shock assault troops. And expendable.
Because 130 points per 2500 is dirt cheap.

Two of such units can easily charge horde and strike simultanously. A single unit can hold lesser troops long enough to allow cooperating ones charge flank (in such case running them down pretty much alone). They could also fight one at a time greater opponents. They could protect flanks. Have their flanks protected. With expensive command groups and incredible kill ratio (as well as KIA ratio) I think any army can easily have at least three units of them, perhaps two 14-s or simply two units and some Shades or other specials per 1500 points. But we all know that our main concerns now are Core Units. This could help them effectively.

So I ask you - is this viable option? I think we could theorise a bit on the matter, even if only to kill some time. Sunday I'm takin' twenty fellas to let them prove (for their own good!) that I'm right! This is the way. Not best... not clever. But effective.