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    next purchase . advice needed

    Hey guys my dark elves are coming along nicely. I have so far

    18 spearmen , 10 rxbs,20 corsairs,10 coldone knights,5 witch elves and a hydra.
    my question is what do you think i should get next either

    A: another battalion box which bumps me to 36 spears,20 rxbs,40corsairs, 15 coldones

    b: box of 16 warriors and box of 10 corsairs. gives me 30 spears,14rxbs and 30 corsairs

    option b is obviouly cheaper but i get no extra coldones . also with option be do i have a enough for battles 1000pts-2500. (will get more witch elves and so sorseress nearer the time.

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    If you're looking to play games at around 2K then you'd want 2 Sorceresses and a Master at least, characters should be your priority.
    Personally, I'd get the battalion, you won't have to buy so much later and, whilst it's more expensive, gets you a great deal. Finally, I'd really strongly advise against Witch Elves if you're using Corsairs, the latter can do just as well for you with frenzy (better armour but no poisoned attacks) and cost exactly the same.

    My first Dark Elf army was a battalion and 2 heroes, it gives you a great list if you don't have any models and provides a real boost if you do.
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    Witch Elves are awesome though.....

    The Battalion box would be the better option for you. However if funding is a problem then the option B would be better.

    I started when there was no Battalion...would have made life easier. Had 15 Spearmen, 12 Crossbowmen, 10 Executioners, a Bolt Thrower and a Noble and Sorceress (Masters and Dreadlords were Nobles and Highborns when I started ages ago).
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