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    Had an idea, won't make you any friends.

    Ever find yourself with umpteen bajilllion (real number, I swear) power dice in the first magic phase, took death and maybe shadow, and find yourself with nothing to do with it? I know I have!

    Fake sales pitch aside, it frustrates me when I roll 12 dice and my enemy is out of range of any of my dead killy spells. Consider the following death sorceress.

    Supreme Sorceress
    Lvl 4
    Something else like PoK.

    Lots of spells, big bonus to casting and can extend her range. Brilliant! Still most likely will fall short with many of the nastier spells, such as purple sun. Or at least not in a way that will make a gigantic difference. However, if we add the following assassin and unit to the list:

    Cloak of Shadows
    Rending stars

    5 Shades

    We get a unit that deploys out in the open, and has a shadow spell. This is important, because with proper positioning, luck, and just a whole lot of magic, they can swap places. Smoke and mirrors allows you to swap place with another model with 18" if they share the same troop type. This will give you an effective 18" bubble to cast purple sun or another nasty spell from, and with good positioning hopefully keep our sorceress safe from the small arms fire that would destroy her (she can handle cannons with LoS and PoK). Now, ideally you deploy these units last, to keep a look at where your opponent is going. I recommend one or two units of dark riders, hydras, chariots, that sort of thing that gives you -more- deployments than them. After you send a purple sun down their line, they probably won't be very happy, but it is darn effective. Best part, next turn use your dice to cast steed of shadows again, and your assassin is back in time for your second shooting phase.

    Now I've been scouring the rule book for a while now trying to find a reason why this won't work. If bound spells don't have the lore attribute, etc. I've got people from dakka's YMDC forum looking, and if you find something feel free to call me an idiot. If not... well, tell me why it won't work. Also can add the Focus familiar to keep your advantage position for the next phase when you (hopefully) smoke back into position.

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    Yeah, it's brilliant for taking out Warmachine batteries with Pit of Shades.

    As far as I'm aware it's legal, as it's still a spell cast from the Lore of Shadows, and all spells have the Lore attribute from that Lore.
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