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    Malekith the witch kings save

    So I decided to post tithe experts again on a quick question! I upgraded my army points recently and swapped Morathi and for Malekith but wanted to clarify his ward saves. He has a ward save against non magical attacks, so does that mean if it's a magic weapon he wouldn't get the save? My other fear is him blowing himself up with a miscast. I am assuming that's considered magic so he would only have a 5+ armor save there right? Any suggestions you geniuses can give to help against these potential drawbacks? I'm terrified of loosing a nealy 1k unit to a miscast!

    I was told I sounded rude with my genius comments that's not what I was going for I really am horrible at strategy and trying to learn so am honestly bowing to stronger wisdom of the forums here!

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    Well, I haven't tried it myself, but in theory the Black chariot is great for Malekith. A combined save of -1+ plus the impact hits and crew member seems like a good spend of 110 points to me. That said, how many points do you play, as including Malekith anyway is a massive points sink. Also yes, he wouldn't get his ward vs magical attacks, hence the chariot IMO. Remember, he does have some protection from magic past his armour, as his shield gives him Magic res 2, plus being a level 4 means with good rolling you'll be letting very few spells through as it is...

    Hope this helps

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    The risk of losing him to Miscasts is just something you'll have to accept as a risk. It's a risk you take with every Wizard. Risks are just a part of the game.
    The spell he really needs is Soulstealer. That spell will waste your opponents Dispel Dice (whether they Dispel it or not) leaving them open to other spells from Malekith/other casters. He's already pretty survivable, but once he's on 6 wounds your opponent tends consider him immortal, as stripping that many wounds off him is already tricky thanks to the Armour of Midnight.

    Also, he actually has a 4+ Armour on foot (Heavy Armour/Shield) which becomes 3+ on Dragon and Chariot and 2+ on a Cold One.

    The Black Chariot makes for good protection vs shooting (thanks to randomise hits, but he only takes 1 wound from cannonballs to the face anyway) but he is still susceptible to Magical CC attacks as the opponent can choose to hit the chariot or Malekith in combat. The best place for him is either in a unit of Black Guard or a unit of Cold One Knights with the Banner of Hag Graef. The Banner is purely for Malekith's benefit, as it allows him to go before his opponents in combat (and will see him screw Tyrion over in combat, Tyrion loses re-rolls and Malekith gets to hit back even if he dies), plus Malekith's presence in those units can cause naive players to throw everything they have at it or avoiding it like the plague. A Cauldron and a Metal mage with Glittering Robes can make Malekith and Black Guard nigh untouchable (Black Guard with 3+ Armour, 5+ wards (3+ vs magic) with the Spell Shield deterring magic too).

    Just in case you are unaware, the Spell Shield extends to Malekith's unit too: If it affects his unit, it affects him too as a part of the unit.

    Malekith is just generally awesome.
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