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    warmaster vs non warmaster

    alright another post not sure if this belongs here or somewhere else but...i was recently trying to purchase a cold one chariot to fill out my dark elf army (i want to own at least one of every unit and this is one of the last things i need to buy) and was surprised to find that the gw website doesnt havnt one listed! when i do a search of their website i ran into this area listed as warmaster which has a few dark elf units that seem to look diferent than normal monsters some i like more some i like less and all are generaly less expensive than their non warmaster counterparts. What is the real diference (besides looks)? would a unit from this warmaster be considered legal if i decide to play in a tournament of some sort? and finaly, if recomended away from the warmaster area of the website, what should i use to create myself a cold one chariot?

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    They are Epic scale. so just bigger than a 2p peice alot of the time. They look different becasue they are soooo small.

    The best way to make a charoit (arguably expensive) is to buy cold one knights, and use the mounts with the HE lion chariot. I converted a lion into a manticore to make it more cost effective and i used the horses as mounts for my dark riders, which themselves where converted from legs from the COK box and Corsair torsos and crossbows.

    There are no current dark elf chariots becasue the ones they had, had the old Godzila looking coldones, and they decided not to resculpt the others, so just stopped the chariot all together. It would be nice for wave release, Plastic CO Chariot, Whitches, Blackguard/Executioners.
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    There was the good old rumour that there was a new plastic wave for DE's coming when the metal Chariot was removed from the web store....but then again you can't believe everything on the internet.

    Warmaster models aren't tournament legal: wrong scale. As previously mentioned they're really, really small.

    The High Elf chariot is the best option open to DE players at the minute. I did make a chariot out of one...however it's turned out a bit...rubbish IMO, but that's mainly my fault and my continual debate on whether or not the style of the model fits in with the army. Luckily I still have 2 of the metal ones kicking about. Sure they've still got the old Cold Ones but they've done me proud for the 8 years I've had them and long may they continue to do so until they retire.
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