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    How would you rate the value of each unit?

    So I'm looking for those units you find indispensible! Only list the ones you find are a MUST (Like Hydra I'm told is just too good not to take, etc). Btw, I'm a TOTAL warhammer fantasy noob (40k player) and just acquired this army so having not read the codex and rulebook (I know own) take that for a basis to start.

    I'm looking to expand my army to 2800 points and want to know what people find awesome.

    Things I've heard about:
    Unkillable lord on Dark Pegasus
    Black Guard

    Things I own:
    Cauldron of blood
    10 harpies
    60 dark elf warriors
    2 sorceresses
    20 blackguard
    10 executioners
    10 dark riders
    5 cold one knights
    (more just lazy to look)

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    The Cauldron of Blood is a brilliant unit. Dishing out a 5+ ward to a unit per turn is something that is truly invaluable, with the added bonuses of +1 attack, KB, and making Khainite units Stubborn. That and it can be the BSB.

    Harpies are great for picking off Warmachines/lone Wizards or for screening/distractions. Dark Riders can fill this role just as well, if not better with Repeater Crossbows.

    Warriors are great for mage bunkers or as an anvil (of sorts). Optimum size for a Spearman unit would be around 30+, run in Slavetrain formation (5-6 wide,5+ deep). This gives you Stubborn most of the time and allows you to hold up a unit for a turn, even in the face of large casualties.

    Executioners are often overlooked in favour of Black Guard, because of ASL on their great weapons. The people who complain about Executioners being useless are usually the ones guilty of running them into the front of an enemy unit and expecting them to do what they did in 7th ed. As a rough rule of the thumb, units of Executioners 20 or under in size are best used as a support unit (hitting a pinned enemy unit in the flanks/rear), whereas a 30+ horde of Executioners with a 5+ Cauldron ward can be happily thrown into the front of an enemy unit for maximum carnage.

    Witch Elves and Corsairs often vie with each other in most lists, with Corsairs winning out thanks to being armoured. Sure, Witch Elves have no armour and therefore tend to die in droves, but they have Poison and you can easily get around the loss of attacks by taking them in a horde of 50 (which is fun in itself to see your opponents faces when you put the on the table). Both do perform similar roles, but Witch Elves can be used as a monster hunting unit thanks to poison.

    Knights tend to be pretty awesome most of the time. You do get the occasional person whining about them being useless, but again, that's someone trying to charge them into the front of an enemy unit and expecting 7th ed to happen. Knights (and Chariots too for that matter) are best used hitting things in the flanks/rear (I had 9 hitting 9 Ogre Bulls in the flank the other day and they rolled them up). Chariots are pretty damned tough to remove (T5, 4W, 3+ armour) and hit really hard (D6+1 S5 impact hits, 2 WS5 S5 I6 attacks from the crew, 2 S4 I2 attacks from Cold Ones).

    Reaper Bolt Throwers are sometimes branded useless by people here on the internet when compared to a Hydra. But those people are idiots. Sure, 1 Bolt Thrower on it's own isn't going to do a lot, but 3 or more and not going to be nice. My general rule is 2+ BTs at 1500pts, 3-4 at 2000-3000pts, 5+ at 3000pts+. Take 4 Bolt Throwers at 2500pts and watch your opponent begin to cry, as they tend to hit on 4s most of the time.
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