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    Trick out my chariot

    So having recently acquired 3 Cold One Chariots, I'm thinking of placing my dreadlord or master into it. So I'm looking for some input on how best to equip him. What are your thoughts?

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    Just the usual stuff really.

    One build I've had a decent record with is Sword of Bloodshed, Pendant of Khaeleth and the Potion of Foolhardiness with full mundane armour. 2+ armour (1+vs shooting), Pendant save, 7 attacks (8 with Potion) at WS7 I8 S4, with another D6+1at S5, one more at WS5 I6 S5 and two at WS3 I2 S4. He's not designed to take on enemy characters, just to find a squishy unit and slam into it.

    Alternatively for a cheap(er) Lord take the Black Amulet/Armour of Eternal Servitude and a mundane Halberd. It's still 4 attacks at WS7 S5 without wasting that fantastic I8 by giving him a Great Weapon.

    One fun thing I've done for a Master on a chariot (mainly because I was bored) was to make him a BSB and give him the Ranger expects to see a chariot charging through terrain they thought was safely covering their flank.
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