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Thread: Playing with...

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    Playing with...

    G'day my fine lords and ladies; I hereby present this thread to you all for use in the playing of Dark Elves/ Cult Of Pleasure. This is to be used in whatever way you all seem fit but the idea I have behind this is...

    A tactica type thing. All generals are welcome to post here any tips, tactics, unit break downs, do and don't of the armies, army themes, colour schemes, conversions and all list break downs (note - not army lists but maybe a skeleton list used to build off etc)

    Well that's the idea, I hope it works. I will be watching these and any abuse of thread or things I decide that are not to be in here will be deleted without warning.


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    heya, I know there is way better dark elf generals out here that use these threads but if none of you are gonna post I think ill do my best to aid the new comers Im gonna post lots of things that will seem obvious to the dark elf players but may be good for the newer ppls.

    Ill first off by saying that dark elves isnt a race who will just walk through armies in close combat without using flanks, additional units, magic and shooting to reduce numbers. This is a race that will need to take advantage of your opponents weaknesses. Excelling in overwhelming certain areas at a time.

    Dark elf magic
    - we definatly have cool magic so I suggest you stick with dark, also we get +1 casting so its a 2 in 1 combo.
    - Our magic is well rounded out, 2 magic missles, 2 enfeeblements and 2 unit aoe spells.
    - magic missles -- We have 1 for anti shooting, protecting us from all sorts of missle weapons. This is very useful for our important units to get through without losing numbers. Our other one is a high strenght damage magic missle. This is perfect for high T units or units with a decent save 3+ or worse is good.
    - enfeelblements -- One is for lowering the combat effectivness of a unit in close combat or a unit that uses missle weapons. This spell does great wonders, idealy letting you hit on a 3+ and enemies needing a 5+ to hit you. Also missle firing units prolly wont hit with anything. The other is more of a Hold spell. Allowing you too stop enemy units from moving, shooting or casting. This spell is good for getting the charge, and the other parts is obvious.
    - Unit aoe -- go life sucking! no, literally. This is great if you have a wizard lord on a pegasus or mount and you have unit in combat vs something that is str 3 or lower. You fly him behind your guys for protectoin and the 6" reach should be enough to still target the unit. This will usually double your wounds and greatly weaken the unit you are fighting. the other one works wonders vs units that take panic tests. Amazing vs things with high armor class for they do not get a save.

    Dark elf shooting
    - we are a decent army for the shooting phase as well. Many of our units can take our unqiue type of crossbow. Our repeater crossbow is good vs non skirmishers and things with bad save and not too tough. Its a weak attack but we get numbers, so use it to our advantage. Although cavalry and stuff will laugh at our repeaters we can make weak units panic and maybe catch that cavalry into a panic test. Picking at what to shoot at is very important. If you have quite a few of shots try placing lots in the same place to get enough wounds for a panic test. Look for units that arnt too close to his general and are close to something that could be worth making something else panic that our little bows cant wound so good agianst.
    - we have our pride and joy, the Reaper bolt thrower. This thing works wonders for its versatility. Good agianst mostly anything and aimed at what your reapter crossbowmen are shooting at there is a good chance to cause panic. Or you can go large target hunting.

    Dark elf close combat
    - Like all elves we have good weapon skill, Initiative and leadership. Although we do lack in strenght and toughness. We can't stand too long in close combat, we rely making panic and using flanks to do so. One huge thing to remember is that with high initiative we usually get the first 2 sets of attacks in close combat witch is the key to cutting down their numbers. After the first 2 sets our low str and T take the toll and usually means trouble for the dark elves. Just remember that shooting cuts numbers down and we do have enfeeblement spells to make things go smoother.
    - Remember to get some rank and file as to our lower amount of wounds we cause and the amount we take, rank bonus is our friend! so protect your flanks well because we need that bonus.
    - our army has lots of neat close combat unit options so try to figure out what type of army you are taking and variaty of things never hurts. ( warriors - spears and shield, corsairs - 2 hand weps, executioners - great weps, witch elves - lot of attacks + posion, cold one chariots and cold one cavalry - hard hitting on charge.) As you can see we cover many options.
    - Decide on what you want as main blocks and what you want for flankers. warriors with shield and spear are close to corsairs but when down to 5 men u will have 5 attacks, lose +1 save to missle but they are cheaper. Warriors make great main blocks. Corsairs are a good flanker because when reduced to 5 men they still have 10 attacks (flankers should have no more than 10 men). Executioners make excellent flankers too because they will attacks first but they arnt to shabby as main blocks too if you know your going agianst tough armies. Dark riders are neat units and can provide you shooting support, flank support and march blocking. This unit is usually a good choice in almost any type of dark elf army. Cold ones and chariots add a nice punch so if you dont like executioners these are good too. Witch elves are pretty wild but fun to play with. They are good vs light infantry and will serve you good if you can get off chillwind or domination on any nearby missle units who are in sight of these gals. shades and harpies are nice wild cards. They are both nice but if you know what army you are up agianst I have a easy solution to pick what one. Shades vs anything but Harpies vs non undead/daemon/fear causing armies. Harpie have low Ld and cant use the generals so you wont get that charge off on his artilery or mage with the 6 ld. I mean its possible but not reliable. Shades will still have the option to shoot at them with repeaters.
    - Always have the biggies for fun! dark elf does have a little bit of close combat beef.. for a price of course. War hydras can be really fun to play. Although taking up reaper bolt thrower spots make sure you have a plan for this guy. Very fun if you are agianst an army that will take the fear and terror tests. Black dragons, at a whopping 300+ points just for the mount, he does come with a very 6ie state line lol . These beasts can do some damage but watch out. They can quickly become a point sink. manticore is in the same boat as a dragon but its less points and can be riden by a beastmaster who is very cheap. This combo is a little safer to take if you like big monsters. Also combined with war hydra, if your down to 1 hydra controller and think he is about to take a monster reaction test you can fly the beastmaster over for he can reroll.

    - Dark elf characters follow the same strenghts and weaknesses as the basic warrior. I like to give nobles a good save and a little strenght booster. You will notice I dont take much magic armor because with heavy armor and sea dragon cloak you already have a nice save without spending your magic item points.

    for hero nobles
    = shield of ghrond + sword of might
    = enchanted shield + sword of might
    riding a cold one will give you a very nice save with this combo and put you at str 5
    If you like a little more offense you can try the draich of dark power or the cheaper version crimson death.
    Dark elves have many more nice peices of armor and weaponry for noble heros but these are just my likings.

    for lord nobles
    = shield of ghrond + sword of might + heartstone of darkness
    = gauntlet of power + mystic shield of light
    = draich of dark power + heartstone of darkness
    This of course will make expensive lords so you dont need to take these full combos. Lords have the full option to the mounts so take what you like.

    for beastmasters
    = you dont have too many options but a little armor never hurts. I dont reccomend magic weapons because he can take a lance and you will get the charge often since you fly if hes on a manticore.

    for hero sorc
    = not much for combos here just take what you will find useful. I take a few mages when I play so I usually take all the good arcance/enchants. Darkstar cloak, seal of ghrond, tomb of furion, black staff, wand of khariadon and there is a few others that are still decent but I dont prefer the others as much. Just because I dont use it or some other lists dont have them dont be afraid to avoid these items. In most cases some items are just more specialized and are used more effective at certain point values like crystal of midnight. This crystal rocks for small games.
    I like to mount my hero sorcs on dark steeds for they can get around

    for lord sorc
    = same as the hero sorc really but I like to give her some protection. If you arnt using the heartstone of darkness anywhere else then this is another good place to put it.
    I like to mount her on a pegsus for maximum mobility.

    few tips on army building
    - its easy to spend lots of point on your heros and lords so try to control your self lol.. I try to keep it under 30-35% of the total amount of point your playing with.
    - keep a strong core for rank and file and make sure to have a few flankers.
    - dark elves rely on speed so try to use some type of cavalry/chariot.
    - always nice to add 1 or 2 hard hitters depending on points and what you took for cavalry.

    Well this is pretty much it on a little summary of dark elves for all those who are new to dark elves or deciding if this is the army for you. Dont get fustrated if you dont win right away because this is a challanging army and used right very powerful and rewarding.

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    Vs. Wood Elves

    Hi guys,

    Just wondering what you thought of a noble with lifetaker and blood armour as a general choice when playing against woodelves (only starting with small games, probably 500pt).


    EDIT: thought it might be better to go with heavy armour, SDC, enchanted shield and lifetaker - unless i'm adding it up wrong that would give him +2 save in CC and +1 vs missiles?
    Last edited by Commander Vimes; May 8th, 2006 at 12:31.

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