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    Mengil's Manflayers - Use and Abuse

    Hello all!!

    Mengil's Manflayers (MM) are, in my opinion, good models. But there is some trashy talk of them and some players (in my gaming area) seem to think that they are cheesey and not really part of the Dark Elves army, whereas I do.

    I really enjoy their diversity.

    Heavy armour, poisoned weapons and Mengil himself who is a hero-type char in the unit IN ADDITION to your normal character allowances makes for a great unit.

    I have fielded them in my range DE army to great effect and am soon going to be taking on a VCounts army...I will let you dudes know of the outcome....

    But what I really want to get at is:
    1. do you guys use them?

    2. if so, what is your opinion of the models, how did they work out etc

    3.if you dont like them, why not

    4. do you consider them to be another dog-o-war unit that bastardizes the DE blood?

    Let me know your thoughts!!


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    not really apart of the army... that a nice argument, wonder why they are special for druchii and rare everyone else who can take them. Being druchii is another hint

    1. yes

    2. they are powerful, they are costly but they are also pretty damn annoying. Very hard to hit, easy to move around due to being skirmishers and poisoned weapons.
    A very nice unit IMO.

    3 -

    4. nope, they are druchii raiders who´s been taking it to the extreme
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