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    CoS Warrior help

    Again, i'm flip-flopping on armies, deciding to go with stuff i've got:

    I'm working on a Cult of Slaanesh army, and just bought a box of Dark elf warriors. Now, i really am new to warhammer fantasy, so i don't know how best to arm these guys. I figure i should arm them for a specific task (fire support or being an anvil unit) but i want to ask and see how the other Cult of Slaanesh players feel about how i should arm them with the rest of what i have taken into consideration:

    What i have currently:

    16 chaos warriors (with sheilds)
    5 chaos knights
    2 sorceresses (one standing blister, one mounted on cold one blister)
    13 devoted (one witch elf box plus command blister)
    20 daemonettes
    1 bolt thrower.

    I do not have an annointed (yet) but i have the slaanesh lord on a steed of slaanesh so once i get parts that i like it will be made.

    Considering the thick armor and high toughness of the chaos warriors, i thought i should use them as an anvil unit while my devoted and daemonettes flank charge where needed, therefore i should make my warriors carry rxbs. Though i think i probably ought to make them as spearmen so i can have another core anvil unit. Any suggestions?

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    a 16 strong elf warrior unit will serve you well(pretty much just as well as 20 of them if used with a little caution so their numbers do not dwindle too much).

    12 RXBelves is a nice little deal as well, being able to rank up 4x3 and get a 4+ save in hth they are quite nice.

    16 RXBelves is nothing to laugh at either, there are some generals who swear by it. the principles are the same as above but will require more practice.

    good luck with your army dancey
    ""What's the matter? Don't ya like clowns? Don't we make ya laugh?" - Captain Spaulding.

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    With this particular selection of models i truly think you would be mad to make them anything but crossbowmen.
    You already have hard-hitting infantry and chaos knights are just brutal. but what you lack, what every chaos army lacks, is the added support of shooty troops.
    Equip them with Xbows, Hand-weapons and shields and you have a unit that can deal out a minimum of 16-20 shots a turn, recieves a 5+ save at range, and, fighting with Hand-weapon and shield in CC revieves a 4+ save and can be used as a handy fighting unit as well.
    Have Fun.


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