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    NEW Dark Elf Player starting out.. looking for advice...

    Hi guys, I was hoping for some advice and maybe you guys could help me out/help me get started. I currently play Dwarfs in fantasy and I am really wanted to have a 2nd army, and I pretty much narrowed it down to Wood Elves, High Elves, and Dark Elves. I think I would really like to play Dark Elves because only one other person plays them at my local GW, and he’s not very good with them BUT I can see the potential they have and under the thumb of the right general (namely ME) I think they would be a VERY viable army.

    Now what I need help in is the fact that I don’t know ANYTHING about them at all! I figured I would start out buying the codex (of course) but I wanted to come to the forums and ask for advice on what to buy first. Since they don’t have a battle box (which is crazy) I figured I would ask what would be the best thing to buy to build up a 500 pt army, then 1000, then 1500 then 2000 pts…

    Umm as far as style of play my dwarves are pretty balanced, I usually bring 2 bolt throwers, a goblin hewer, then maybe an anvil of doom in a 2k list. As everyone know Dwarves don’t really use magic, so I would like to experiment with some magic and if Dark Elves have some shooting (archers, gunners, etc) then I could travel that road or whatever advice you guys could give me on army comp for Dark Elves…

    So starting with Codex

    What’s next???

    Thanks guys!!

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    Hi & welcome to dark elves!. You're absolutely right that 'under the right' thumb they can be very good. They are whats known as a 'finesse' army.. meaning you need good tactics to win. Not like chaos or orcs where u charge blindly relying on sheer strength. Hence with dark elves you will normally either win big or lose big depending on how good YOU are, not how good the army is.
    I play dwarves most often, which are one of the most overpowered armies in the game, so i havent had tremendous success, but im learning to change my tactics etc so i have a feeling this might change.
    I also play against tome kings (not overpowered like dwarves) in a 1000 point game and i won using only 550 points of my army! like i said, win big or lose big.
    I wouldnt get too discouraged if you lose alot of your early games with dark elves while you learn to use them properly. its to be expected. but hopefully with our help we can save you from learning afew things the hard way, and save you afew losses.

    If you are indeed looking to use more magic for something different to dwarves, then yes, dark elves are quiet capable of accommodating that.
    I beleive starting at 500pts and starting to game while you expand is the best way to go, its how i did it, im currently at 1600pts heading for 2000.
    One thing that will annoy the hell out of you about Dark elves is that there are no models for nobles & highborns!! the only character models are sorceresses & special characters. So you will have to improvise or make a conversion. (we can help you with this later).

    Indeed you will need the codex, but i can tell you you cant go wrong by buying 2 warrior boxes & a sorceress (on foot) & a Reaper bolt thrower, to begin with. Assemble the warriors into 20 spearmen with shields, and another 10 with crossbows. & a unit of 5 dark riders with crossbows will give you pretty much all you will need for a 500 point game! (if u use the sorceress as a level 2).

    In low point games such as 500-1000 you will lack to points to take what you need to play an offensive style. so for the time being you will probably be doing the old 'stand & shoot', which the above units will do pretty well. Then when you get to 1500-2000 you can start to make some pretty mean offensive lists with knights, chariots, monsters & heroes etc.

    A good peice of advice for all new DE players, check on the games workshop website under the dark elves section and you will find an update to the codex (one of the most important changes in it is that warriors are now 2 points each cheaper:yes: ). Along with afew other things like new magic items you can take. the cult of slaneesh army lists & new war hydra options etc. There is a thead in this DE forum called 'important links' which will take you to them.

    Best of luck
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    welcome to the druchii youn one.
    ... I can't really advice on what you're gonna buy to make a good army just like that. You have to look in the armybook and say that style you want to play with DE.
    But as for 500pts I'd go for the basic sorceress + 5DR + 1 boltthrower + "warriors+shield+rxb block" + flanker... eg executioners/witch elves/corsairs.

    here's a quote of what I vrote in a driffrent thread to help someone.. I didn't bother to edit it though to you'll have to help yourself

    Quote Originally Posted by zhaf
    I think dragons are overrated... I'd pick a manticore or a dark pegasus anyday... in addition those two beast are far more dark elfish than a dragon . But dragons are still very potent of dealing damage. But I think you'll need the pts spent more on your units.
    dark riders and harpies are excelent units... shades are very nice too so give them a shot (keep in mind to keep those units @ smal-medium size). For shooting bolthrowers can never go wrong... crossbow warriors with sheilds are potent too.
    for hard hitting units Cold one knights and warhydra are fairly fast and pretty hard. Other potent hard hitting units is chariots... but as they can't march they can't keep up with other fast units.
    Good flankers are executioners, corsairs and witchelves. and last for excellent staying power use black guards but warriors with spear and shields are most decent as well and more commonly used.
    For an uniqe ninja l33t kind of unit try out Mengil Manhide's Manflayers... they're NASTY... but cost a fortune.
    Character tips goes like this (from my own experience). Highborn > high sorceress for the first lord choise just to get his Ld10. If you want a second lord it have to be a high sorceress on pegasus... nothing goes up to dark elf magic .
    The hero choises consist of mostly magic in my armies sorceress on dark steeds = invalueable. But assassins and bsb are nice additions to the DE army. The assassin is a dubble edged sword, they can do tremendous damage or die doing nothing, you have to know your opponent to be able to use them effectively. BSB is nice cause the elves already high ld... and getting a re-roll on that is just evil... think black guard with a BSB on a chariot as flanker... they'll never break.
    Nobles are nice extra pounch to your units... but other than that they arn't that good characters... they'll often die if they're facing other characters... eg duels. But if you're playing <2k games a noble for general isn't half bad cause it's Ld9. I don't use beastmasters just because the character is plain bad! they can't fight and they rarely encounter lone beast by themselves... so only take a beastmaster if you're fanatic about having a manticore in <2k games... otherwise stick to other characters and take a warhydra if you must have a monster.
    There is one important lession you should learn is that most DE models will die fast if they're beeing hit on as they're T3 and have next to nothing in armour. You must break your enemy on the charge or the following turn or your engaged units will most likely perish. DE's main strengths is mobility, magic and shooting. Not using at least one of these strengths is like try to run with a cripple.

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    Welcome to Dark Elves.

    Definatly get some spearmen, youll need their numbers and combat reso.

    Also you cant go wrong with some dark riders, they are exelent, though i've never tried them in small battles. make sure u give em a musician and probably some RxB's (repeater crossbows).

    A sorceress is a great option: DE magic can be truly devestating. in 1000+ battles try to give her the Wand of the Kharaidon (storm of choas) as it gives the DE a high S ranged attack which is much needed. If u want get 2 sorceresses, both lvl2.

    in battles with no lords Nobles are nice to get their ld9. also if you have some CoK's (cold one knights) kit him out like this: Cold One, Hvy Armour, SDC(sea dragon cloak), enchanted shield and a lance. this guy has a 0+ armour (-1+ against range) and S6 on the charge, so he is pretty dangerous at a reasnoble price (120 pts). highborn are also good with this gear, just chuck him the heartstone of darkness as well, a 4+ ward helps him against high strength attacks.

    u will aslo need a flanking unit or two. Executioners, witch elves and corsairs are the main ones but CoK and even Dark riders will work fine. All u have to know is: against high armour opponents go with executioners or CoK, against high T opponents go whit Witch elves or Executioners, and against T3 (maybe T4) low save enemy go with any of them.

    and crossbowmen are almost never a bad option unless ur facing choas or someone like that.

    lastly you need a RBT (bolt thrower). maybe 2. they are ur best friends.

    hope this helped u.

    regards and good luck

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