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    Help with army composition

    Ok, well i will give you the rundown first;

    My friend is wishing to start Dark elves to play my chaos slaanesh mortal army on a regular basis. [my army is magic heavy]

    He has $400 au to spend on models [not including paints and set up.]

    So i am coming to you people at LIBRARIUM ONLINE for help.

    What are the best options for him to be near his budget, have a competitive list and for us to have some good close battles. I was thinking maybe he should use a fast list with some good magic and dragons? to give my guys the run around? I have no idea.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Da Boyzz View Post
    So i am coming to you people at warseer for help.
    LO.. Warseer.. meh, close enough ^^

    Firstly, your friend needs to consider that Dark Elves are being redone sometime within the next 12 months or so, after High Elves & Vampire counts (I think).
    If thats a problem for him, then he needs to wait, or choose another army.

    Does he suit Dark Elves? he'll need to be patient: He'll lose most of his early games, especially against Chaos, while he learns to master the army. (once he does though, look out).
    It helps to be cunning.. we arent the strongest army so sometimes a sneaky decietful tactic can make the difference..
    He'll also need a good tactical mind. If he cant master the army he wont win a lot, unless the new codex gets a major boost, at the moment its pretty weak.

    Dark Elves are one of the most expensive armies, because we only have 1 plastic unit, the basic warriors. The rest are metal = ex$pensive..
    So for $400AU, I would say plan for 1500 points. You might get 2000 if you take units that cost a lot of points, but better to play it safe and assume 1500.

    I'll help with army composition if he still wants to go ahead with it, with those things in mind.

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    Not to be advertising or anything, but you might want to look on ebay, sometimes even with postage its cheaper to get new minis that way. Non-plastics can be dipped in acetone to get rid of paint (acetone destroys plastic, bases and minis included, so be careful).

    Make that a lot cheaper, just got 40 new warriors on sprues and a manticore with beastmaster for about 85 AUD.
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