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    Dark Elf Noble in the market for an army!

    I'll keep it short, as I'm sure you've read many similar posts.
    I know Dark Elves are a hard choice, but hell, I'd rather loose with Dark Elven armor, then win with any other!
    An important thing to note is I'm pretty tight for money, so I'm looking to stretch those expensive units as far as I can! Also, love conversions and love heroes!
    I got a few troops ages ago purely for the pleasure of painting and creating them. Here is what I got.

    This army is purely for relaxed games, but like to know I could fair well with it in a tournament (and with skills of course!), and I got a chance versus all armies.
    No maximum point list, will slowly build (with slow cash income), but obviously like to end up with 2000+, but no hurry, I'll be playing lots of small games before any biguns

    1. Noble on CO, conversion of Executioners body, big axe, severed heads everywhere, and Samurai-like pole flag on the back (with more heads on top!). Originally planned to make him Tullaris but somehow he ended up riding a CO o.O
    I can add Sea dragon cloak - unsure at the moment.

    2. Sorceress - converted from many pieces. Can also add Sea dragon cloak to her!

    3. Executioners - 6 including conversion of Malus Darkblade as a champion executioner on foot, obviously going to get bandsmen, standard bearer and at least 2-4 more men to complete unit.

    4. 16 spear men with command - slight conversion with CO knight's shields, irrelevant i think. May expand to 20.

    So very small i know right now!
    Thought to get (in this order) a unit of corsairs (or spear men), witches, riders (for some speed, as COs suck apparently ), 2 reaper crossbows (not a fan but i need SOME ranged!) and Shadowblade. After that see where it goes (can see myself getting more witch elves ).

    I love heroes, so as many as I can viably have would be good! Sorry im long winded, Thanks for reading, any advice would be much appreciated to this novice of the Dark Elf arts.

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    Here's my general guidelines for army composition, I'll hope they help you make some decisions.

    In 7th edition warhammer, infantry need to be in ranks of 5 to get rank bonus. Therefore units in multiples of 5 make sense. Core infantry (who rely primarily on static CR for victory) should probably be between 15-25 models strong, my units are 20 strong.

    Elite infantry are often fielded in 2 ranks of 5-7 (for 10-14 models total) to maximize number of attacking models. These units are often treated as flankers, although they might go head to head with some weakish units. I don't like doing this with my infantry unless they are stubborn or unbreakable however, it seems too likely that a ranked unit will get in CC with my infantry and wipe them out. I'd rather have a small unit of cav than a small unit of infantry for about the same points.

    I think your first priorities should be: get the spears and executioners up to full unit strength, add some Dark riders for marchblockings, and get your repeater bolt throwers.

    Hope it helps!
    Arena of Death Champion: Nexim of the Guldskullz Tribe. Fear my wrath!

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    i agree with koosh that you shoud get 4 more warriors with shields( you can bits order) to bring your warrior unit up to full power. then fill out your execs(like 2 more blisters) and then buy 2 RBT and some DRs. Also know that Coks are very good and whoever told you they suck should be sacrificed to khaine:shifty: Other then that you have a good fondation and its alyways nice to see another DE general.

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