I spent last weekend at Origins Gaming Convention. I played my Dark Elves in the Tourney.

Leasons learned:
1. Coldone knights rarely earn their points.
2. Coldone Chariots usually earn theirs.
3. Always take two bolt throwers minimum.
4. 2000+ points needs 3 Sorcerers min and probably 4.
5. Move armies up a little to get magic in range, then light them up with it.....along with Bolt Throwers.
6. Don't move you Repeaters warriors on Turn 1. Other troops move up (3.5 inches) to get magic in range. Next turn if enemy moves towards you, then back up 3.5 inches.
7. Let them come to you (see #5). Repeaters take the charge and "Stand and Shoot." Make sure your units aren't behind the Repeaters. Those warriors can have Light Armor, Shield and Hand weapon for good fighting prowess.
8. Assassins, though cool. NEVER earn their points, but, very FUN and cool!! You make the call.
9. Two units of Dark Riders with Repeaters and Spears are a must. I like them over Harpies to hunt Artillery. They get strength 4 on charge against artillery with spears.
10. Fancy units draw a lot of attention......just remember that.
11. You can get a decent number of troops on the board if you don't go crazy upgrading them.

If someone says you are cheesing with all the magic. Ask them if Drwarves cheese with all their war machines, Bretonian all Cavalry forces or any other race playing to their strenghts. Dark Elves get a +1 on ALL casting rolls, so you would be crazy to not play with lots of Sorcerers. It's like telling a Bretonian player he's cheesing for bringing lots of Knights.