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    500 Pt Warband Rules

    I'm starting a gaming club locally here and I need a good Warband Army that will give a new player exposure to Dogs Of War Abilities and Strategies.

    I am going to buy an army for each race and keep it at the Gaming Club for anyone to use as a "House Army" to introduce them to Warhammer Fantasy and hopefully get them addicted enough to buy their own stuff. I would like to have the army well rounded against all other races, and to include a good variety of unit types in order to give the new players exposure. Here is the preliminary Army List:


    Beorg Bearstruck And Bearmen Of Urslo : 255 Pt


    Halfling Hot Pot : 50 Pt


    8x Duellists; Shields, Full Command : 78 Pt

    5x Light Calvary; Bows, Shields, Musician, Standard Bearer : 115 pt

    498 POINTS

    Any pointers of ideas would be greatly appreciated since i have never played a Dogs Of War army live before.


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    well ffcourse DOW is about regiments of the reknown, but it looks kinda silly too take Beorg into a 500 pt army (just my 2 cents) as it takes up half your points allready. They still are an awesome unit tho, and if it's your goal to introduce new players to this DOW army then idd it could prove invaluable!

    the duellists are great, one of DOW's best units
    hot pot, light cavalry: again i agree with you for taking them
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    Here are some comments:

    First of all. Unless you have some special agreement, this is not a valid list. A DoW army has to include a general and a paymaster, and a character from the RoR can not count as general.

    For your army composition, I would say that you lack a desent ranked unit. The bearmen count only 10 at 255 points. The duallists are few and gain no rank bonus.

    I suggest you build a core unit around your paymaster and general, either heavy cavalry or pikemen. If you choose heavy cavalry, I suggest light cavalry and ogres for support. If you choose the pikemen, I suggest you get yourself at least 10 crossbowmen and duellists for support. The hotpot is good if you go defensive with pikemen.

    Note: Dont take standarts for light cavalry or duellists!

    To sum it all up, I would suggest either:

    1) Defensive:

    General and paymaster with 13/18 pikemen
    10 crossbowmen
    Some duellists / hotpot

    2) Offensive:

    General and paymaster with 6 heavy cavalry
    5 light cavalry
    3 ogres

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    I agree with Auere's suggestions and summation 99%. Here's a couple more pointers, under the warband rules you can't take a Lord level - so get a paymaster and captain. Shooting also does really well in small games. So duelists with pistols, crossbow men, a cannon (I think the cannon is so much more effective than the hotpot). You have to have at least 1 ranked core 10 models strong, so PM bodyguard or some pikes or something would be good (or dwarves even) You will want to get as many guys on the board as possible. Only 1 standard usually and that is with your ranked unit. You could go high movement and take cavalry and ogres and the like (then voland's venators might be worth it.)

    DoW is kind of an anomaly. To be honest, I dont think they are a very good starter army. They are old and outdated and not even a complete army. That means they are usually fairly easy to beat, especially if lead by a novice. If you're trying to sell models, you don't want them anyway, since all the models are bought off ebay or direct from GW.

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