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    DoW 2000 Pt. (Tournament)

    Hello, trying to put together a tournament army but I am interested in doing something different as well as challenging, so Dogs of War seems like the best bet. Was just hoping for feedback and/or suggestions as I have never played DoW before, coming off of a large High Elf army (didn't want to play under the new rules.) Anyway, heres the list:

    Lords & Heroes:

    1 Mercenary General, HA, Sword of Might, Enchanted Shield, General - 126 pts.

    1 Hireling Wizard, Lv 2 upgrade, Dispel Scroll, Dispel Scroll - 145 pts.

    1 Paymaster, HA, Shield, Pistol, GW -72 pts.


    5 Light Cavalry, Spears, Shields, Musician - 85 pts.

    5 Light Cavalry, Spears, Shields, Musician - 85 pts.

    10 Crossbowmen - 80 pts.

    10 Duellists, Pistols, Musician - 100 pts.

    9 Duellists - 45 pts.

    8 Duellists - 40 pts.

    8 Duellists - 40 pts.


    18 Dwarfs, HA, Shield, Musician, Standard Bearer - 182 pts.

    20 Norse Marauders, GW, Shield, Musician, Standard Bearer - 220 pts.

    20 Norse Marauders, GW, Shield, Musician, Standard Bearer - 220 pts.

    3 Maneaters, HA, Brace of Handguns x3 - 270 pts.


    1 Giant - 205 pts.

    1 Cannon - 85 pts.

    Total models - 124

    Points- 2000

    I plan to have the General and the Paymaster go with the Dwarfs for protection, with the Norse units on either flank, and the 3 cheap Duellist units as a skirmish screen in front of it all. With the Ld 9 and BSB re-rolls coming out of the Dwarfs with my characters, hopefully the army holds, and if a Duellist unit ends up fleeing through the Norse, it is not a problem as they will still have their frenzy and therefore be immune to panic. The pistol armed Duellists are there to get holed up in a wood and lure people in like usual with their shots, and the Light Cavalry is there to march block and flank. The Maneaters will probably use their speed and guns to move around letting loose on small units of knights or other such things that don't like handguns, and when the enemy closes in they will flank with their 15 S5 attacks. The giant is in there mainly for fluff, but having something to draw away artillery fire for a few turns as well as causing terror is a nice boost. Not too heavy on shooting, but the cannon and crossbows should be able to take out a good chunk of the enemy.

    As for the wizard, I know most people will say that I should just drop him to Lv. 1 and use him as a caddy, but I was just thinking: taking the caddy is basically mandatory, and there will be many opponents who only have a single caddy themselves. That being said, my Lv. 2 wizard, being able to use 3 dice to cast could very realistically earn back the 35 points of his upgrade cost, at least I think so. I plan on going with the Lore of Metal, and always opting one of his spells to Rule of Burning Iron, casting that with 1 die each phase and then using 3 on the other spell, or perhaps just 2 and 2 once my opponent is out of scrolls. Only a 5+ to cast, not likely, but if it does go off and I target an enemy character, my opponent will either have to use 2 dice or a scroll, so I'm thinking I can get something off.

    At any rate, would it be possible to compete with this list? Some things I notice are that people usually like small cheap units of Norse for flanking, but I felt that I needed more static combat res, and I do not want to use pikemen. Would I be better off going with more Dwarfs? Also, is 2 units of Light Cavalry overkill? Perhaps I would be better served with a second group of crossbows. Comments would be much appreciated, thank you.

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