Ok, tried a larger point list to experiment a bit more. This almost worked against Tomb Kings, but poor positioning and charging meant that a prolonged battle turned into a loss due to being unable to get my pikemen into combat.

Wizard w/Dispel Scroll, Dispel Scroll, Lvl 2 - 145
- Like I'm not going to take a wizard. And I NEED those scrolls. Sits with Republican guard, uses Lore of light for hopefully getting the immune to psychology spell.

Captain w/ Sword o' might, shield, heavy armour, barded steed, talisman of protection - 105
- to provide a strong spearhead to a unit. He's mucking about with the Bulls. Talisman is there to make up points.

Paymaster w/Sword o' battle, enchanted shield, heavy armour - 94
- he's better off in combat, and the extra attack is useful, and he needs the shield more than the captain. Sits with Republican guard.

Ricco's Republican Guard w/ 10 extra men - 300
- More expensive than regular pikemen, but there's a hero and WS4 can come in handy a fair bit. Admittedly not against the Tomb Kings, but this isn't tailored.

10 Duellists w/ pistols, musician - 100 points
- to shoot annoying things. Held a tomb scorpion for four turns. Heck, these guys with stand and shoot once killed Skulltaker.

5 Ogre Bulls w/ light armour, Ironfists, bellower, standard - 245
- Not got any Ironguts atm, but these guys are pretty brutal. With the Captain they definitely hurt on the charge and the cap'n boosts the leadership a little.

The Cursed Company - 305
- Yes, expensive for ten men. But Krueger is as hard as nails and draws fire against anyone who knows what he can do. Usually the unit hits and replenishes what was lost from the shooting - and a lot of shooting is required to really take them down. And Krueger scares a lot of enemy characters pooless.

Giant - 205
- Can't argue with a giant. Another fire-drawer, and is a bit difficult to get rid of in combat (although admittedly he does take his time winning too).

Total: 1499

Opinions welcome. I'm happy to use anything, from the regular lists, RoR (including Menghil), or Ogre Kingdoms. Let me know how well you'd think this would fare.