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Thread: 2000pt Friendly

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    2000pt Friendly

    Ok well this is my first Dogs of war army. i've done a chaos army for years but i'm in love with the pikemen models and the beseiger crossbowmen models. It's not Tornament play just something to go "aww aint that purrrdy" But i still want it to kill stuff!
    Instead of a dogs of war army i wanted a tillian ARMY. The paymaster i'm going to model as a Battle Standard Bearer as thats basically what he does.

    Anyway, the list.

    General, Heavy armour, Talisman of Protection, brace of pistols, Halberd
    Paymaster, Brace of Pistols, Enchanted Shield, Heavy armour
    Ricco's Republican Guard. 16 additional Guard

    2x Level 2 Wizard, Dispel scroll, power stone

    2x 28 Pikemen with Heavy Armour and Command

    2x 10 Crossbowmen

    2x 8 Duelists, 2 hand weapons, throwing knives

    2x Cannons.

    I love pikemen. They're disgusting. enemy charge my block thats 29 attacks hitting them in the face before they get to fight. i WANT to take this agaisnt an Ogre army.

    So, what do you think? I know it's lacking fast stuff for artillary hunting but i don't fight any shooty armies in my group, it's mainly Vampire counts, Orcs, Ogres and Chaos.

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    I think some fast cav is a must for any Dogs of War army...They aren't simply there for artillery hunting. Fast Cav allows you to hit flanks, redirect units and bait and flee with ease. It's really not costly running 2 x 5 with spears and a musician 150 points total. I think its totally worth it. They also allow you to protect flanks to some extent.

    I can see that you have some love affair with pikemen, but I would definetly recommend dropping one of those unit. In all honest, pike's aren't THAT great...they are good but WS 3 units just don't always do that well...remember they are also only S 3 against other infantry. So so 29 attacks one usually gets 14.5 hits then about 7.25 wounds or 4.83 wounds (defending on the T). Against 3+ saves ur getting 1, maybe 2 kills. Against 2+ you get maybe 1 kill. Sure, pikes are great at kill skeletons, goblins, weak shit..but pike's don't take hard hitting hammer units as well as you would think.

    [Consider some maneaters]

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