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    2000 Point Greek-Style Army List

    This is my First serious DOW army list please tell me how to improve it especially what to drop for some wizards.

    Lord 126
    Mecenary General 126
    Heavy Armour

    Heroes 59
    Paymaster 59
    Heavy Armour

    Core Choice

    Phlanxes 1351
    ___The Alcatani Fellowship 251
    ___14 Extra Pikemen

    ___25 Pikemen 275
    ___Heavy Armour

    ___25 Pikemen 275
    ___Heavy Armour

    ___25 Pikemen 275
    ___Heavy Armour

    ___25 Pikemen 275
    ___Heavy Armour

    Cavalry 189

    ___9 Heavy Cavalry 189

    Rare Choice 275

    Birdmen of Catrazza 275
    6 Extra Birdmen

    Please Comment

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    Ok, first of all, the Birdmen of Catrazza are naff. Rubbish. Terrible. One good spell and they'll die. Get a cannon, hotpot, anything but these. If cannons and hotpots aren't Grecian, try a giant and make him look the part - there's a Giant of Albion model that is a Cyclops, which could work. Or just have an empty rare slot - those 275 points will net you a hireling wizard with some points left over - a lvl2 one with 2 scrolls comes to 145 points.

    On a related note, you have no magical defence - some spells can seriously damage your army. I'm always of the opinion that if you want to go magically offensive, use a wizard lord, but you should also always have some wizards sitting around being scroll caddies. If it sounds stupid, imagine the Comet of Casandora hitting your pikes. 2D6 str 4 hits on anything in range. I've had it, and it hurts a lot. You could easily make a robe wearing preistess or something similar.

    The paymaster should really take the enchanted shield. The general won't need it, he's got a decent enough save as it is, and whatever he's fighting he should batter on the charge.

    Pikes aren't fantastic, I must warn you. They can and will die easily to many things, like shooting - so find a way to return fire. Crossbows are best, sadly, which might be hard to make Grecian...

    If you need something to drop, pikemen are best. Perhaps one or two blocks for some Command squads - you need them, you really do, if you want to hold a charge. I'm tempted to recommend a cheap General in one squad with heavy armour and Great Weapon - I do this with a captain, and that combo was a 60 point guy who often got me +2-3 combat res each fight, since he doesn't die straightaway and will be in the front line, getting to hit back. Plus, it'd be good for your army's LD. So take your general outta that cavalry unit, park him in the centre, maybe even with the same unit as the paymaster to help protect him, and then with the excess points get yourself another wizard! Heck, you could easily have 2 hirelings with the points from his equipment and the Birdmen.

    I think the Alcatani fellowship are pretty good actually, you might do ok with them - be wary of their performance though. Might die easily..

    So overall, Ditch the Birdmen, put the General in a unit with great weapon and heavy armour, or maybe morning star and shield, or hand weapon and shield, give the paymaster the enchanted shield and maybe morningstar, use excess points for wizardy fun (max out on scrolls) and maybe fit in 10 cheapo crossbowmen. Oh, and if you can, get some Command Groups in those pikes!!!

    Hope that helps!

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