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    Yaaaaar? 2000 pt pirates

    I'm betting this won't get any responses since nobody has posted on DoW for almost a month, but here goes:

    2000pts Pirates

    Pirate Captain - light armour, pistols, sword of striking 96 pts
    Paymaster - heavy armour, pistols, great weapon 77 pts
    Wizard - dispel scroll, dispel scroll, second level 145 pts

    20 Pirazzo's Lost Legion
    10 Pistol Duelists
    10 Pistol Duelists
    9 Pistol Duelists

    15 Paymaster Bodyguard, full command 165 pts
    6 Ogre bulls, full command 260 pts
    4 Leadbelchers
    4 Leadbelchers

    1 Cannon
    1 Giant

    EDIT: Most point totals removed. Please do not post totals that reveal the per model/item cost. Thanks. ~DavidVC04

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    Yaarrrr, ahoy me hearties! Raise the mizzenmast and swab the... giant!?!

    I'm confused by this list. Pirates= lots of guns (yay), but the giant and pirazzo don't seem very piratical to me. However, fielding the Bodyguard as having boarding hooks would be an awesome conversion!

    From a gaming perspective: Your mage won't cast anything in most 2000 pt battles, so drop him to lvl 1. Even then your dispel ability will be on the low side. Maybe add another wizard, give them both heavens and dispel scrolls and hope for the best?

    Also, your infantry characters, particularly the paymaster, are fluffy. and also DOOMED. A canny opponent will send everything after the paymaster for that auto-panic thing. If he survives your leadbelchers...

    EDIT: Oh... why put a standard in your bodyguard? Doesn't the paymaster do that anyway? END EDIT

    Finally, I'd be tempted to add musicians to all your units, cause you will be fairly susceptible to panic, and should give yourself the best possible chance of recovering. Don't leadbelchers suffer panic if they blow themselves up?

    On the plus side, the combination of Bulls, Leadbelchers, cannon, and giant is Very Nasty. I'd hate to face that unless I had great long distance shooting or magic. If you get your opponent to engage those units, and use the rest for flanking, it could be a successful force. But watch out with those duelists, as I don't think skirmishers get the nifty flanking bonuses.

    If you intend to buy this army, I'd hold off until the new rules are out. I've heard nasty rumors that pistols will be S3.

    Last edited by kooshlord; July 21st, 2006 at 20:15.

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    My friend's been running DoW lately. I'd do one of two things with the bodyguard. Either bump them up or whittle them down. Once I learned that I could force a panic test on his army by killing the paymaster, I've made that a goal every game. And as long as I get the charge off, it's relatively easy to kill his bodyguard. They have a 5+ save that quickly modifies to nothing or next to nothing with high str attacks.

    If you had more of them, you'd have a little more staying power. The problem there is that you will risk losing a lot of points if they lose combat. And his have yet to win a combat--of course there are distinct disadvantages to being pounded on by a treeman or run into my skeletons led by a vampire.

    On the other hand, my friend is considering running the bare minimum of them and keeping them out of trouble. Maybe deploying them last and popping them on a far flank to claim a table quarter at the game's end.

    I don't have a problem with the giant. I think you can always invent a cool fluff reason. Maybe he's been kept in the holds of the ship, or chained to a mast, or something else totally implausible if it weren't so hollywood. Then he's unleashed on unwitting foes after being starved for weeks at sea.
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