The Foreign Legio - taking troops from around the Old World and squeezing them all into one nasty little army.

The point of DoW armies is to build yourself a mercenary army, with units from all over the Old World, and bring them together to scare the daylights out of the opponent.
This is a list showing how I'd go about it.
There's a good solid center of pikemen, a solid unit for the Paymaster, and some cavalry to harrass the flanks. Then there's the Foreigners. Dwarves and Ogres - tough and tougher. And to top it all off, a some Leadbelchers just to make it interesting.
I know that the complete lack of magic will cause problems, but I suspect that the multiple fast units, and the multiple templates will cause some consternation in choosing targets for their magic. It is also technically fairly light on the firepower, but this also shouldn't be much of a problem.
It would probably also be worth turning the light cavalry into Centaurs, to add just a bit to the theme of the army.

Tercio Tolèdo (Foreign Legio) Dogs of War Army

1 Mercenary General (General) w/Pistol; Heavy Armour; Sword of Battle; Talisman of Protection; Warhorse

1 Paymaster w/Halberd; Heavy Armour
20 Paymaster's Bodyguard w/Heavy Armour inc/Standard; Champion (7x3)

28 Pikemen w/Heavy Armour inc/Standard (7x4)

28 Pikemen w/Heavy Armour inc/Standard (7x4)

10 Crossbowmen

8 Duellists w/Hand Weapon; Pistol

6 Light Cavalry w/Spear; Shield

6 Light Cavalry w/Spear; Shield

12 Dwarfs w/Hand Weapon; Crossbow; Heavy Armour; Shield inc/Standard (6x2)

4 Ogre Bulls w/Hand Weapon; Light Armour; Iron Fist

3 Leadbelchers

1 Cannon

Casting Pool: 2
Dispel Pool: 2

Models in Army: 131

Total Army Cost: 2000