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    oglah khan and his wolfboys

    I was looking at the RoR, and I thought the wolfboys looked pretty good for their cost.

    A group of 9 wolf boys, led by oglah, seems great to me. They are not too costly and they have both standart and ranks and move with great speed with the fast cavalry special rules. They also have a somewhat desent armour save for light cavalry, especially compared to their cost. I am not thrilled about their shooting abelities, and I think the unit is best in meele.

    If we compare a wolfboy with a light cavalry with the same equipment, it is obvious that the wolfboys are better for their price:

    Light cavalry with bow, spear and shield cost 18 points and they even lack light armour. You also have to give them 15 point expensive musicians :-(

    The wolfboy costs only 15 points, even though he has light armour and moves faster...

    Oglah khan himself is not a bad champion either with great meele abelities.

    The wolfboys seems to me like a middleway between heavy and light cavalry but they still have the light cavalry special rules wich adds up to a force of many tactical possibelities. For an example you can use their fantastic speed and manouvrebelity to get in on the flank of heavy cavalry or other elite units, wich will devestate them. When they flee you are almost certain to catch them because of the special 4d6 pursuit move. You can quite easely earn back the 235 points you spent on the unit...

    I know most of you guys are more experienced than me, so I would appreciate your comments!

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    they can really only take on small or weak units in my opinion. In a large group they are a lot less manueverable (so you lose the fast cav advantages) and what you really worry about is losing the standard (100victory pts) I personally think the regular fast cav is better. It costs less than 100pts even kitted out and serves the same purpose which is to march block, harass units, take out warmachines and occasionally take on a weak unit or support a charge with a flank or rear. The musician is expensive (the whole army needs an update) but is vital to rallying after setting up a charge.

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