Back in 1998, I remember for no particular reason picking up the game for my Sony PlayStation WARHAMMER: DARK OMEN.

Back then I was already an avid RPGer, and had heard of Warhammer so I was interested in trying it out.

To say it was a huge inspiration to me would be an understatement. I loved the game so much I actually went out and bought some army books just so I would better understand what was going on in the game better- this was 5th Edition Warhammer back then, btw. Not only did I get into WH the game, but there was so much stuff there for me to borrow and import into my D&D campaigns I was into, it was insane. Even as I got into Warhammer and took the Skaven as my primary army, I still also did a few experimentations on how to build up a proper "Bernhardt's Grudgebringers" army. I never actually got to field it, but was experimenting with essentially fielding a unit of Empire Swordsmen; a unit of Empire Crossbowmen; a Dwarf Canon with the rune of forging, fire, and defence with 4 human crewmembers instead of 3 dwarfs; and of course a unit of cavalry. Didn't get too far with it though, as I kept hearing a DOW book was coming and then 6th edtion so soon after it.

Anyhow , was wondering if there has ever been on these forums an adaption of the GrudgeBringers here.