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    Tell Us About Your Army?

    Hi all, now i realize that alot of people collect and play warhammer with absolutely no interest in history or background, but fluff is what this thread is all about.Do you have some story as to how your army came to be? what they are trying to achieve? where they originated from?If so, then let us know

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    at the place where I played Warhammer at in the 90's and early part of the 2k's, when DOW came out, every more or less confirmed player was given a task of coming up with an individual mercenary unit, playable by any army for hire, that conformed to rules, etc, etc.

    So I did my part and created the Regiment of Renown called Grendel the Green Wizard and his Terrifically Trained Troupe of Trollicking Trolls.

    Essentially, in a nutshell it was a lv 2 Battle Wizard leading a troupe of Trolls. I even managed to paint the trolls with things that circus performer might have, to simulate that Grendell would have his trolls trained to entertain and such just as much as to do battle.

    It went over really well, as it granted an army a lv 2 wizard and the hitting power of a unit of trolls and looked good and had a "merc" feel to it, so it was approved.

    The rules were I got to bump up Grendell's WS to 4 and his LD to 8. Mounted on a barded warhorse. He carried two magic items, per normal but one had to be the charm of Troll Control, a bounded spell that was always considered in effect. As long as Grendel was leading his unit, then they were not subject to Stupidity. If the opposing army wanted they could contest the Troll Control charm and if successful the Trolls would be subject to stupidity but could test off Grendell's LD (the rationale being Grendell still trained his troupe to hand commands, etc and did not HAVE to use magic). If Grendel was ever killed in CC, the Trolls would be subject to Frenzy and Hatred in reaction to their master being killed- if killed by magic or shooting, they immeidately went stupid for the rest of the game. If an enemy army had units that either could have troll's in it or were 'beast master types' in nature, they could attempt to take control of a Grendell less unit- this was interpreted to be Skaven BeastMasters, any GreenSkin Shaman, any Chaos Beast character; any Chaos Warrior Sorcerror, some other exceptions.

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