Topic of the Week - Long Drong's Slayer Pirates - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Topic of the Week - Long Drong's Slayer Pirates

    This is the start of a new series, that will hopefully bring new ideas and tactics to the forums. Each week, a new topic will be posted up about a different unit in the army book. This gives you your chance to discuss the unit to its fullest. So, please leave your comment!

    This week's topic is - Long Drong's Slayer Pirates

    Are these a useful Regiment of Renown? How many slayer pirates per unit do you take? Why take them over other ones?



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    These guys always kicked butt vs my skaven armies when I used to use them in 5th edition.

    Generally speaking, my opponents put them at the front and center of their battle line, often protecting things that could shoot over them (mortars). Often with good troops on their flanks. The intent was generally to absorb the charge from the enemy and hold no matter what I had done to back up my fighting skills. And then the flank units hit me.

    Generally speaking I would just happen to be putting Clan Rats pushing my GreySeer in his screaming bell. In 5th edition, the GreySeer and Striker were unbreakable on the Bell and the seers had insane CC skills back then, so it often turned into a challenge between the GreySeer and Long Drong.

    As I had a really good kit for my grey seer in 5th edition (usually StormDemon, WarpstoneArmor, Seer Stone, skavenbalm), I could often win the duel.

    But too often, my clan rats took insane hits on the charge from the pistols and then would lose in CC. Often enough, that meant the ClanRats would flee. leaving my Grey Seer behind. Even when they held, the flanking units would hit them
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